Deputy Medical Director Dr. Leon Kelly told county commissioners during a meeting Tuesday that increased spread of coronavirus threatens to overwhelm El Paso County. "How many people is the right amount of people to die to do something about it?" Kelly said during the presentation.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis isn’t holding back to get his point across on voluntarily wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor posted the following to Facebook on Sunday:

"The emerging scientific data is clear: wearing a mask doesn’t only protect others, it also significantly reduces your own risk of getting Coronavirus. So if you’re a selfish bastard and wearing a mask to protect others isn’t enough of a reason to do so, then maybe protecting yourself is?"

Last week, Polis urged people to "wear a damn mask," and scolded out-of-state visitors from virus hotspots such as Texas and Arizona for not wearing masks.

In order to avoid going back to the kinds of restrictions in place earlier this year, Colorado residents need to be more vigilant about preventing the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday, after three weeks of rising numbers of new coronavirus cases in the state. "Wear a damn mask," he said. (Facebook, Gov. Polis)


VIDEO: Dr. Leon Kelly asks county commissioners "How many people is the right amount of people to die?"

City Council delays decision on mandatory masks in Colorado Springs

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There were people who applauded the governor’s direct post.

“So rare to hear from a politician who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is,” Dave Mazess wrote in response to the post. “I’m not even a dem and you’re great! Science shouldn’t be partisan.”

There were also people shocked by the choice of words.


El Paso remains a holdout in Colorado

“You need to clean up your language,” Lis Neal wrote in the comments. “Not very professional nor becoming of a governor who is looking for respect.”

A spokesperson for the governor’s office sent the following statement to Gazette news partner KKTV concerning the post: “The science clearly shows that the more people who wear masks, the faster our economic re-opening can safely occur and the more freedom and mobility we have. The Governor continues to help raise awareness about mask-wearing at any chance he can because we’ve got to crush this virus in Colorado, and wearing masks in public is one of the most effective tools we have. Given the unique challenges posed by COVID-19 nothing is off the table.”


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