Two out-of-service mailboxes located on the corner of Rockrimmon Boulevard and Delmonico Drive near Dunkin’ Donuts has residents seeking answers from the United States Postal Service.

According to residents, both mailboxes have been inoperable since early January. That’s when residents discovered crime scene tape fastened to both mailboxes and their back doors left open.

While at the mini-postal office behind Salsa Brava, Delmonico Drive resident Jerry Hendricks overheard someone say both mailboxes were shut down due to theft. “Rumor has it that there was some sort of theft going on, but that’s merely rumor,” Hendricks said.

While filling his car with gas near where the mailboxes are located, Hendricks encountered a postal carrier who stopped to gas up his vehicle. Hendricks questioned the postal carrier, who offered little information.

“I asked him what was going on, and he said he was under the understanding that there was theft and that maybe some theft-resistance boxes had been ordered, but he wasn’t sure,” Hendricks said.

As Hendricks and the postal carrier filled their vehicles, two more drivers stopped and asked about the mailboxes. “Obviously it’s just not me wondering why and what is happening. Those boxes were heavily used, and are really the only ones around without going to the walk-in mini-post office by Salsa Brava.”

Residents who favor quick drive-up and drop-off convenience want to know what crime was committed and when the mailboxes will be back in operation. USPS couldn’t be reached for comment, despite multiple attempts by the Edition.

In a Dec. 26 Peregrine NextDoor website post submitted by Hendricks, Big Valley neighborhood resident Jim Godfrey told Rockrimmon citizens that someone had broken into the mailboxes, that the locks had been destroyed and that crime scene tape was found on one of the drop chutes.

“The large back door where USPS personnel retrieve the mail was open and the white collection bins were exposed. People had actually dropped some mail into one of the chutes and it was exposed for anyone to take,” Godfrey wrote.

“Naturally, the Post Office numbers I tried reached no one on Christmas Day. I called the non-emergency number for the Colorado Springs Police Department thinking they could at least go by and properly mark and secure the mail drop chutes so no one would drop mail into them.”

Godfrey further wrote, “ … If any of you … used these drop boxes in the last couple of days, it is a good chance your mail may have been stolen so check with whomever you were mailing to and make sure (you watch) your mail and watch your bank accounts.”

In her Dec. 26 response, Resident Tracy Miller wrote, “I’m sick of people who steal and take others property. I never put mail in my personal box and always use the big blue boxes. Luckily I didn’t use those in the past few days.”

Big Valley neighborhood resident Connie Clancy wrote, “ ... We need extremely strong neighborhood watches all over this city to help out our understaffed police force.”

On Dec. 29, Southface resident Bev Bodman wrote, “I have been dropping my mail indoors at the Centennial main post office for a while due to the above reason.”

Losing the convenience of having those boxes in a quick, handy, drive-up scenario has been a nuisance, Hendricks said. “These are the only drop boxes around for miles, to my knowledge. There are lots of us in 80919 wishing we had a mailbox around to drop off letters,” Hendricks said.

“I know there’s a walk in, mini-Post Office behind Salsa Brava, but sometimes you just want a quick drive-up drop-off. I can drop off stuff at the mini-post office but now only during business hours.”

With any information about the closed mailboxes, please contact Woodmen Edition editor Hannah Maginot at 476-1618 or

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