Anita Howarth, Shannon Majors

William J. Dagendesh/Woodmen Edition

Anita Howarth, left, and Shannon Majors oversee publication of Women’s Edition magazine.

The Woodmen Edition this week sat down with Anita Howarth and Shannon Majors, editor and operations manager of Women’s Edition magazine. These energetic businesswomen offered the following comments:

Where were you born?

Howarth: I’m a native. I was born at St. Francis Hospital, now known as St. Francis Medical Center. My mom and dad were divorced, so mom moved us to California. She was single with three kids and worked three jobs. One was distributing magazines. My dad was a reporter for the Phoenix Gazette for over 30 years. I guess the printed word was in my genes.

Majors: I was born in Michigan and lived there until my early teens, (and) moved to Florida until my early 20s, when I moved to Colorado. I did not like it at first, but I am totally in love with Colorado and call it home.

Where did you attend college?

Howarth: I went to Grossmont College in San Diego and later got my real estate license. I loved helping first-time home buyers.

Majors: I am one of the many who changed their major many times. I’ve studied many things, but have a passion for holistic nutrition and the education of it.

What is WE?

Howarth: WE is a magazine for all people of Colorado Springs, as well as metropolitan women. Our mission is to help small businesses grow by advertising without breaking the bank.

Majors: WE is about helping our local businesses thrive while providing our community with a plethora of resources and tasteful editorials (light education, entertainment).

What is most rewarding about your job?

Howarth: Hearing how great the ad is working for our small businesses. What business owner doesn’t want to get in front of 50,000 decision-makers a month? Women are savvy and make 85% of the decisions in the household, so why not get in front of them?

Majors: The most rewarding business part is when an advertiser calls to tell us how happy they are to advertise with us, that they’ve earned another new customer due to their ad in our magazine. The most rewarding personal aspect is my boss. She appreciates and respects me, which is hard to find in a boss.

What do you do for recreation?

Howarth: I love to travel. Anywhere. I just discovered electric scooters. What fun. I love to read. Give me a great suspense, historic fiction, mystery or thriller.

Majors: My family and I ride bicycles. I had been wanting a “cruiser” for years, then finally we bought new bikes last summer and have a ball riding every chance we get.

What do you enjoy about Colorado Springs?

Howarth: There are places to hike for all abilities, even me. Colorado Springs has a small town feel, but has everything you need or want.

Majors: I love Colorado Springs because of the climate (and) the size of the city.

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