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Two staff members are in isolation and 20 staff and students are in precautionary quarantine at Discovery Canyon Campus. 

Two staff members are in isolation and 20 staff and students are in precautionary quarantine at an all-grades school, the region's largest district announced Wednesday.

Parents of students at Discovery Canyon Campus were notified Tuesday that a staff member in attendance Monday was displaying symptoms and is now awaiting test results. That staff member is in isolation, along with another.

The elementary school was not impacted, but the entire preschool through grade 12 campus was notified, said District 20 spokeswoman Allison Cortez.

On Monday, the district announced that students in a class at Explorer Elementary were experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms. Two students were in isolation, and 18 students and 14 staff members were in a precautionary quarantine, Cortez said.

Additionally, two students from District 20's Douglass Valley Elementary were quarantined Monday after the district learned they were in contact with someone who recently tested positive for the virus. No other students or staff were affected, Cortez said.

District 20 resumed classes earlier this month, with preschool and elementary students having the option of attending in person or online, and students in grades 6-12 starting the year in online programs. Students who require additional services are being offered some in-person services.

Schools could shut down for several days of contact tracing if one student tests positive for COVID-19, and for two weeks if two or more students in two or more classrooms test positive, according to pandemic guidance for schools released in late July by the state health department.

Schools are not required to follow the guidance, which outlines who should stay home if a student or staff member tests positive for the potentially deadly virus or is suspected of having it. Schools must, however, report all suspected and confirmed outbreaks to their local public health agency or the state health department within four hours, according to a news release that accompanied the guidance.

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