Measuring the snow depth with ruler 40 feet Photo Credit: Marvin Samuel Tolentino Pineda (iStock).

Photo Credit: Marvin Samuel Tolentino Pineda (iStock).

The Pueblo branch of the National Weather Service recently announced that daily snowfall records fell in three major cities they monitor.

Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Alamosa all beat their daily snowfall record for February 15.

Colorado Springs got 6 inches of snowfall, topping a record of 5.5 inches that was set in 1910.

On the same day, Pueblo doubled the 2.8 inches of record-setting snowfall that fell in 1965, getting a total of 5.6 inches this past Wednesday.

Alamosa also set a new daily snowfall record for February 15, getting 4 inches of snow and beating the previous record of 0.8 inches in 1965 by a significant margin.

However, the southeast region of the state is still lagging behind the to-date norm significantly in terms of snowpack.

Follow along with more weather news on the National Weather Service website.

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