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Stephanie is a web/print designer at The Gazette and the design director of Colorado Politics, a sister publication of The Gazette. She has been a nationally certified fitness professional since 2009.

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During the winter months it is common to overindulge in warmer foods and drinks that are typically high in calories, which then leads to gaining additional pounds. Let’s face it, the idea of eating healthy during this time of year has been thrown out the window. But there is one way to help curb your appetite, so you don’t eat everything in sight. Drink water!

We all want to be healthy, but the hardest part can be figuring out how or where to start. Start with portion control. Instead of focusing on counting calories, portion control is a more realistic approach to regulating your food intake as you eat in moderation. Plus, you can still eat some of your favorite foods, but again, in moderation.

With all the extra delicious sweets and other goodies that surrounds us and tempts us to overeat, is it possible to avoid gaining unwanted weight during the last few months of the year? The short answer is, yes. But it will require a little extra will power and determination.

Are you having trouble achieving personal goals? Gazette fitness columnist Stephanie Swearngin provides five steps to help you accomplish those goals we set every year.

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