Michael Karlik, Colorado Politics

Joan Unrein, a former clinical dietician with Colorado Plains Medical Center in Fort Morgan, sued her employer for failing to accommodate her legal blindness pursuant to the ADA. But a three-member panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit determined it was not the medical center’s responsibility to resolve Unrein’s inability to drive herself to work.

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The board on Wednesday reaffirmed the decision to grant a ballot title over the objections of people who considered the proposal vague, far reaching and in violation of the constitutional ban on multi-subject initiatives. The proposed measure would expand animal cruelty protections for livestock.

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Proposed ballot initiatives pertaining to out-of-school learning opportunities and the spending of certain state funds are scheduled before the Title Board on Wednesday, as is a reconsideration of the board’s decision to grant a title to an animal cruelty measure.

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