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RTD's G Line testing at the Wheat Ridge Ward Station January 02, 2018. The G Line travels 11 miles from Union Station to Wheat Ridge and is expected to open to the public soon. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

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The Regional Transportation District still needs final approval from state regulators to initiate passenger service the 11-mile G-Line — something the transit agency won’t get until February at the earliest. That would be followed by several more weeks of testing of G-Line trains, RTD spokesman Scott Reed said..

Reed described Tuesday’s activity as a “positive step” that puts the beleaguered line on a solid forward trajectory.

“We’re very encouraged by the first day of full testing,” he said.

The G-Line, which was slated to start carrying passengers more than a year ago, has been hampered by crossing-gate technology that for months vexed regulators and kept them from giving a green light to the line. It took until September to get the Federal Railroad Administration to sign off the wireless signaling design at its crossings.

The judge ruled last week that full testing of the G-Line could resume while the crossing-gate challenges were being considered.

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