Well-known area photographer and self-proclaimed gear-head Ken Bates will teach area photographers about macro and close-up photography at 7 p.m. Monday at the Mountain Community Mennonite Church facility, 643 Highway 105, in Palmer Lake. The session is free and open to all interested photographers.

This presentation is a wide-ranging introduction to macro and close-up photography which will cover a diverse range of equipment used in macro photography — from very basic gear costing less than $10, to more advanced equipment suitable for extreme macro shots that can be greater than five times life size. Comparisons will be made for the various accessories used for macro shots, with suggestions as to which equipment is most suitable for various camera and lens configurations.

Special attention will be paid to issues unique to macro photography, such as lighting, diffraction and depth of field issues, as well as techniques to handle these challenges. Focus stacking will be covered in detail, including several hardware and software solutions to automate the stacking process. Although not intended to be a slide show of macro images, there will be some images included to illustrate subjects in various places suitable for shooting macro and close-ups.

Bates enjoys exploring the technical aspects of the macro realm as much as the actual photography. His background is in computer hardware and software design, and he has lectured on these subjects throughout the world. Although never a professional photographer, he has been shooting for many years, starting with macro photography on film in the late 1960s.

He started with an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic and bellows, switched over to Nikon (film), and in 2004 changed over to Canon gear. Since then Ken’s interest in macro photography has grown, eventually resulting in his macro images being published in local media as well as winning awards in photography contests.

In case of inclement weather, check the website or the Facebook page where a notice of cancellation will be posted.

To see more about the event or the Palmer Divide Photographers Group, visit pdphotographers.com.

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