Tanglewood Trailers owner Mark Thompson, second from right, and his experienced staff of welders, fabricators, mechanics and electricians customize, service and sell trailers; and they sell, service and support snow removal equipment.

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Tanglewood Trailers touts itself as a “utility trailer customization and repair facility,” but it’s more than that, and it’s growing.

Yes, owner Mark Thompson and his staff of welders, fabricators, mechanics and electricians can repair and customize your trailer. They also sell, service and support snow removal equipment, and they also sell trailers.

Located at 626 Highway 105 in Palmer Lake, the retail location is still new for Thompson, an almost jack-of-all-trades Navy veteran who served about 25 years combined in active duty and reserves. He opened the shop six months ago, but he’s been in the business for seven years — three of those specific to trailers. He used to run the business out of his Monument home.

“I started off manufacturing trailers, but the steel tariffs (in March 2018) hit, and my prices skyrocketed,” Thompson said. So he changed course from trailer manufacturing to trailer service, which he was also familiar with.

The business includes a retail front, workspace and a plot of land upon which Thompson keeps his trailers for sale, lined up neatly along the plot’s northern side. Thompson is also a snow plower for Colorado Department of Transportation, and saw a natural transition into snow plow installation and service. As the weather has cooled and two snowstorms already passed, Thompson said the shop has been busy installing snow plows.

But snow plows or trailers, Thompson and his team are dedicated to giving their customers the equipment they need at a price that won’t break the bank. He’s designed and built much of his own workshop equipment, and it’s customized to help him do his job faster and better.

“I don’t want to charge customers for me to take an hour searching for the problem. If I can figure it out in five minutes, that translates to savings for the customer,” Thompson said.

That dedication to top-notch customer service has proved successful for him.

“The community has been fantastic. We’ve been welcomed,” he said.

For more on Tanglewood Trailers’ services, call 719-960-0600 or visit tanglewoodtrailers.com.

- Written by Breeanna Jent

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