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From left, Monument Town Manager Mike Foreman, Public Works director Tom Tharnish (Navy), supervisor Ron Rathburn (Marine Corps), water technician Aaron Wilson (Army/National Guard) and Human Resources Director Robert Bishop (Army) gather around a plaque Nov. 18 at Monument Town Hall during a meeting of the town’s Board of Trustees. The plaque was created to honor the military service given by those in the town’s employment and presented during the meeting.

Ten employees of the Town of Monument were recognized and honored for their service in the armed forces.

During the Town of Monument Board of Trustees Nov. 18 meeting at Monument Town Hall, one week after Veterans Day, Human Resource Director Robert Bishop and intern Jared Rhymer listed the present employees of the municipality who have served.

“As a veteran who made the transition from soldier to civilian a few years ago, I cannot express the incredible gratitude I feel toward the Town of Monument for helping me find a home after I left the service,” Bishop said.

The names of the employee veterans were presented on a plaque to those in attendance. Bishop said the plaque would remain at Town Hall and will be updated as other members of military service become employed by Monument.

Among the 10 veterans Bishop and Rhymer mentioned were:

• Drew Anderson, a GIS Technician with the town and Afghanistan veteran, who served in the Army and presently serves in the Army Reserves.

• Andrew Romano, who serves in the Air Force Reserves and is a community resource officer with the town’s police department.

• Public Works Director Tom Tharnish is a Navy veteran who served nine years on submarines and deployed to a variety of locations around the globe.

• Rob Rathburn is a veteran of the Marine Corps with four years of infantry service and a deployment to the Philippines. He works as the town’s public works supervisor.

• Monument Police officer Tim Johnson served in the Navy for 20 years with deployments in South America and the Western Pacific.

• Aaron Wilson works as a water technician for the town and is an Iraq veteran with 11.5 years of service between the Army and the U.S. National Guard.

• Monument Code Enforcement Officer Evan Cox served for 10 years in security forces in the Army and Air Force.

• Dave Robinson, also a water technician with the town, served in the Army for nine years and is an Iraq veteran.

• Joshua Marks, also an officer with the Monument Police Department, served 20 years of service with the Navy and Army and is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although he did not mention it during his presentation, Bishop served in the Army before working for the town in human resources.

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