The Historic Preservation Alliance (HPA) of Colorado Springs exists to revitalize neighborhoods and protect, preserve and promote the city’s historic resources.

HPA is a member-based nonprofit organization founded in 1999 by citizens concerned about preserving local heritage. Through its Education Outreach Program, field trips and tours, the HPA presents the city’s heritage and introduces the city’s diverse places and spaces throughout and beyond the Pikes Peak region to the community.

According to HPA President Roxanne Eflin, the organization strives to be the Pikes Peak region’s top voice for historic preservation. HPA’s 12-member board of directors, members, partners and volunteers accomplish the organization’s mission through advocacy, education, events and strategic alliances, Eflin said.

In 2018, the board established a strategic plan comprised of several goals. This includes being an advocate for and encouraging preserving buildings, commercial centers, monuments, neighborhoods, sites, streetscapes, trees and the historic environment city-wide and the greater Pikes Peak region.

“We take positions when and where appropriate, based on thorough research, and balanced with our mission,” Eflin said.

The HPA promotes and encourages effective historic preservation policies in the city through coordinated advocacy efforts in partnership with key strategic alliances, Eflin said. The organization also coordinates tours, events, lectures and workshops throughout the region, often in partnership with groups and organizations deemed strategic alliances.

According to Eflin, the HPA educates and encourages citizens in the appreciation and study of the aesthetic, architectural, environmental, historic and pre-historic significance of buildings, structures, sites, vistas and neighborhoods including practical and effective preservation methodology.

The organization inspires public interest in historic preservation and downtown revitalization through educational programs and promoting training in preservation skills and techniques, Eflin said. The HPA is best accomplished in a private-public partnership with involved citizens working to accomplish solutions to help the best of the past thrive into the future, Eflin said.

“We work with neighborhood leaders, preserve and promote and celebrate the historic places that define our community at the foot of Pikes Peak, ranked as one of the best places to live,” Eflin said.

Through its summer tour programs the HPA provides educational opportunities for citizens to learn about various historic resources throughout the region including northern Colorado Springs and Tri-Lakes area neighborhoods, Eflin said.

“In our roles as advocates and champions for historic places, we respond to queries from concerned citizens on a wide variety of historic preservation topics ranging from rehabilitation strategies, methods to research house histories, design review, public engagement options and general protection for endangered properties,” Eflin said.

People are finding the HPA to be an easy, inspirational connection to the past, Eflin sad. “We believe our mission and message speaks to the hearts of citizens who find the HPA to be a valid voice for historic places unable to speak for themselves,” Eflin said..

As the HPA celebrates two decades of service, Eflin said it’s good to celebrate and reflect on past accomplishments and successes. Anniversaries also encourage the community to look ahead to what’s next, she said.

“It is in the spirit of both the past and future that we welcome everyone to join us on this journey as we celebrate our 20th anniversary year, themed, “Preservation by the people,’” Eflin said.

“Throughout 2019 we will be applauding the hundreds of people who have helped build and support our organization, as well as the millions of people in Colorado and worldwide who work tirelessly to protect and steward the historic places of their lives.”

There are no eligibility requirements to join the HPA, and every dollar makes a difference be it through membership or event sponsorship, Eflin said. “This past year alone we experienced a 20 percent growth in membership, an increase we are working towards continuing,” Eflin said.

“Giving to a charitable organization makes us feel happier knowing we are entrusting our donation to a worthy cause supported by others and making a positive difference in our daily quality of life.”

Join at or by mailing a check to P.O. Box 345, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. To learn more, contact the HPA at

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