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Musician Phil Keaggy will perform two shows at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake Friday and Saturday.

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In a professional music career that has spanned 50 years covering more than 60 albums, Phil Keaggy remains at the top of his game.

The 67-year-old Ohio native who calls Nashville home will take his show on the road to Palmer Lake Friday and Saturday where he will perform two shows at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts.

“We’ve played there a couple of times,” Keaggy told The Tribune. “It was a good time. We really enjoyed the folks.

“It’s always great to get the music out there for people to hear.”

Keaggy is a legendary guitarist, ranked in the top three in the world several times by Guitar Player magazine. He once jammed with Paul McCartney at a wedding and did some session work with former Monkees member Micky Dolenz.

A 50-year-old urban legend says the legendary Jimi Hendrix once referred to Keaggy as the world’s greatest guitarist. Since then, Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen are also rumored to have said something similar about Keaggy.

As much as Keaggy enjoys the accolades, his true passion is sharing his music with the world.

“I know people really enjoy a live performance,” he said. “I’m fortunate enough that I can pull a lot of stuff from my catalog of songs over the last 48 years.”

Keaggy became a Christian 48 years ago. On Valentine’s Day 1970, at the age of 18, he was touring with his band Glass Harp when he received word that his mother had been seriously injured in an automobile accident. After her death a week later, and inspired by his sister, Keaggy gave his life to Christ.

As was typical of young musicians in those days, Keaggy had been experimenting heavily with hallucinogens, most notably LSD. When his mother died he gave up drugs. Within three years, he left Glass Harp and married his wife Bernadette. He has dedicated most of his musical career to writing, playing and singing songs of faith.

“God calls us to be salt and light to the world,” said Keaggy, a seven-time Dove Award winner and a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. “I’m glad I’m still able to show up and play music live.”

For information on how to get tickets for Keaggy’s TLCA shows, call 719-481-0475, or go to The TLCA is located at 304 Highway 105, in Palmer Lake.

Pikes Peak Newspapers Sports Reporter

Pikes Peak Newspapers Sports Reporter

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