Monument Town Hall

Monument Town Hall, 645 Beacon Lite Road, is pictured in this June 15, 2021 file photo

MONUMENT • With voters’ approval of the Town of Monument Charter Commission, the next step toward Home Rule government is in process.

The Higby Road annexation takes another step forward as well.

The Monument Board of Trustees on Nov. 15 approved a series of resolutions and an ordinance to put in motion the annexation of 2.3 miles of Higby Road. With the right of way currently on El Paso County land, Higby Road now moves into annexation by the Town of Monument from Jackson Creek Parkway to the easterly property line of the Home Place Ranch development at the edge of town limits.

Future Improvements to Higby Road are to be completed by Triview Metropolitan District in partnership with the developers of Jackson Creek Phases three through six and Home Place Ranch, all of which are to contribute their fair share to the upgrades needed for Higby Road. Triview is working with the developers to determine what each fair share will be.

Along with the annexation, the board approved the execution of the inclusion agreement and petition for inclusion, which is Triview’s process to include the parcel into the district to receive its maintenance services per the 1987 intergovernmental agreement between the district and the town. The parcel would be considered within district boundaries.

Triview director manager James McGrady confirmed Triview has come to an agreement with Creekside Development for funding a portion of the construction, while Triview has paid the entirety of costs for the annexation survey. Home Place Ranch is to pay for some of design costs.

Once inclusion is complete, Triview will move forward with a final design, putting the construction work out for bid. The plan is for upgrades to be completed in the next year or so, McGrady said.

“A lot of dirt is being moved out there, so the timing of this is good,” McGrady said.

Public comments came with requests to consider access from Home Place Ranch to Jackson Creek Parkway and to expand Higby Road to I-25 with gated access for first responders in the event of a mass evacuation.

The resolutions and ordinance were passed by the board.

The board also approved the first meeting of the newly formed Monument Charter Commission, which voters approved as a step toward changing municipal government to Home Rule during the Nov. 2 election.

The first meeting of the nine commissioners is to take place at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 29 at town hall. Town Clerk Laura Hogan said staff has secured a couple of Home Rule experts to meet with the commission and provide subject matter. These include the town manager from Castle Pines, which has gone through a change to Home Rule government.

At the first meeting, commissioners will determine the charter commission’s schedule of meetings and appoint a chairman and secretary. The meeting is open to the public including Board of Trustees members, as long as trustees do not participate in the meeting.

Additionally, the trustees approved a resolution stating continued commitment to the town’s public safety. It was laid out as a policy provision for the board and citizens, and to make the policy commitment known to future boards regarding the purpose and origin of the funds resulting in the Proposition 2F sales tax increase approved by voters this month.

Interim town attorney Joseph Rivera said it is bedrock municipal law that an existing board cannot bind the legislative powers of future boards, but the existing board could set forth policy for the use of the funds presently and in the future.

“This is basically an encouragement to future town Board of Trustees to contemplate and use 2F funds as a supplement to the police operating budget and not to use it to replace any components of the police operating budget,” Rivera said.

Trustee Mitch LaKind thanked Rivera for the explanation.

“This is what we can do, is show good faith year after year to the police and all the rest of the departments that the budget should be what it is,” LaKind said.

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