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Monument Town Hall is pictured in a Town of Monument Facebook post.

MONUMENT • The Board of Trustees had a full agenda at its Sept. 8 meeting, but by the time they adjourned one development was rezoned, another’s final plan site was approved and several contracts were awarded.

Trustees unanimously approved the rezoning of two phases of the Conexus development and the final planned development site plan for Woodmen Valley Chapel’s Monument Campus.

Conexus is being developed on the west side of I-25, north of Baptist Road. Two of the development’s phases touch Teachout Creek on its south end and extend to Colorado 105 interchange to the north. The sketch plan calls for the furthest north area to be open and trail space, where Dirty Woman Creek intersects.

Phases 2 and 3 involve rezoning 107 acres to be developed as mixed use, including light industrial, commercial, civic, office and high and medium density residential.

After presentations from planning department staff and Andrea Barlow of NES Inc., the trustees wanted more information on the potential impact on the Sante Fe Trail. It was noted the few developers thus far involved in Conexus are open to moving the Sante Fe Trail should El Paso County require.

The only public comment regarded an issue of access on the north end of Conexus and a blind area created by the topography along Old Denver Road. Barlow noted the northern area of Conexus has to maintain the existing mouse habitat and No Name Creek, and the northern parcel is under a different ownership. However, visibility studies will be conducted as well as the addition of left- and right-hand turn lanes on Old Denver Road to make the main flow of traffic safer, Barlow said.

“We will be reviewing the access points in more detail as we come forward with more specific plans,” she said.

Barlow, who represents more than one developer in the project, said those involved are willing to consider options for moving and beautifying the Sante Fe Trail should the county desire.

Moving the Sante Fe Trail in coordination with the Woodmen Valley Chapel-Monument Campus site plan also came up in discussion. The applicants said they are ready to work with the county if and when changes have been decided. Trustees approved the WVC plan 7-0.

Among the meeting’s resolutions, Kathy Green was approved to become an alternate commissioner with the town’s planning commission. It was confirmed commission chair Melanie Strop had resigned from the board because she was moving outside of Monument town limits. The commission has not yet appointed members to its change in leadership positions. Town planner Debbie Flynn said those decisions would be made at the next planning commission meeting.

The Board of Trustees also approved a contract award to improve the curb lines at the intersection of 2nd Street and Washington in downtown Monument in an effort to improve the line of sight for those crossing 2nd on Washington.

“Traffic presently has to creep out 6-8 feet to see oncoming traffic,” public works director Tom Tharnish said.

With the improvement of the corners, they will be brought up to present American Disabilities Act standards, Tharnish said. The cost of the project is early $85,000, which comes out of the city’s capital improvements fund for curb and gutter. The resolution passed 7-0.

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