GLENEAGLE • Cynthia Halverson has a passion for water.

Halverson, the owner of Hydration and More at 13800 Gleneagle Drive in Colorado Springs, has always been an advocate for good health. Halverson’s passion for health was heightened when both her mother and father developed colon cancer, her mother a survivor and her father unfortunately not.

When she moved to the Pikes Peak region three years ago from Illinois, she owned a marketing business and most of her clients were in the health and wellness business, the majority of which were chiropractors. However, it was at a chamber of commerce networking breakfast where Halverson met a woman who introduced herself, stating she had a machine which provides seven different kinds of water.

“Well, who needs seven different kinds of water?” Halverson said to herself.

She wanted to learn more about it and studied the importance of water and the quality of water on the human body. This led her to opening a franchise of Hydration and More, branded as Hydration + More with the plus symbol representing the medical-grade water the company offers.

In an effort to help distribute the highest quality of water available, to help families keep grocery costs down from having to buy bottled water and to aid environmental efforts to prevent plastic water bottles piling in landfills, Hydration + More offers free water.

Halverson said patrons can come into the store and sample the water there and are free to take some home. The store sells a bag to carry the water for $10 and patrons are welcome to fill and refill the bag any time, any day at no charge, she said. The store has offered this service to the community since opening a year and a half ago.

“The president of the company has stated, ‘We will never charge for water,’” Halverson said. “We should only give free water.”

While the water samples are free, The Kangan water machines sold through Hydration + More cost roughly $3,100 to $5,980 and offer several different acidity levels of water.

While doing marketing for chiropractors, she found herself embracing an outlook on overall health and how it applied to the importance of water consumption.

“Their belief is that God created our bodies to heal themselves as long as we take good care of them. And that is my belief as well,” she said. “There isn’t a cell or organ in our body that can survive without water.”

Bottled water is the largest selling bottled beverage in the world, Halverson said. She noted that Consumer Reports’ November issues in both 2019 and 2020 reported 90% of all retail bottled water is merely bottled tap water.

Whether the water people drink is hydrating or actually dehydrating them is even more important, she said.

Halverson said water can be tested for an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) level, which can tell how helpful or harmful it can actually be.

“Our bodies oxidize all the time. We are aging from the inside out,” she said. “Oxidation leads to dehydration. If we are drinking water to hydrate us and it’s actually dehydrating us, that’s a big deal.

“I don’t think anyone even thinks about looking at the label when they buy a bottle of water.”

During her studies, Halverson read how most people have not learned how to listen to their bodies cry for water and all the different symptoms organs can have from dehydration. Knowing you’re dehydrated goes beyond simply having a dry mouth, she said.

She also said there is a lot of misconception around obesity from overeating. In some cases, overeating may occur because a person mistakes thirst for hunger and rather than hydrating.

When Halverson first started drinking the water distributed from Hydration + More, she experienced the effect it had on her brain most of all.

“The brain is the last organ to dehydrate,” she said. “As soon as you start hydrating your body, the first place it’s going to go is your brain. … It’s almost like your brain saying, ‘Thank you.’”

The machine which Halverson was introduced to that converts regular tap water to the water the company sells was created 45 years ago in Okinawa, Japan by a company called Enagic. When their own water supply was compromised, Enagic challenged its scientists to search the globe and discover the best quality water available. The answer was found in the Himalayan Mountains, uncompromised by man.

“It had a lot of natural properties in it because it held electricity from the lightning there,” Halverson said. “They brought samples back and created a machine to recreate the water. They named it Kangen, which in Japanese means ‘return to origin.’”

Since then, the machines have been used in Japanese hospitals that provide patients with the water, and has citizens lining up outside the facilities to receive free water, she said.

Halverson offers education classes at her store, not just on Kangen itself but on its uses including cooking, cleaning and sanitizing the home as well as for pets. Classes are free but she suggests registering ahead of time, since all participants are asked to bring at least 16 ounces of tap water from their homes for testing. More information on the available classes can be found on the Events tab of the company’s Facebook page at

More about Hydration + More can be found at

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