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In an effort to align with new 2020 Colorado academic standards, and in keeping with Lewis-Palmer School District 38 board policy, a core instructional program up for adoption is about to undergo public review.

On Jan. 28, the D-38 board announced a proposed curriculum review notice for the selection of core instructional programs selected to be used for whole-class, as well as web-based programs. Per Board of Education policy, core instructional programs, including digital and print text, as well as web-based programs, shall be available for the parents and guardians of D-38 students for a two-week period in a public setting.

During this period, the community is allowed access to review and comment on the core instructional programs and books being considered for adoption.

“The curriculums up for adoption are aligned with the new 2020 Colorado academic standards, contain digital resource supports, as well as differentiation to meet the different needs of individual students,” said Davonne Johnson, D-38 Learning Services Coordinator.

The curriculums being considered and made available for public review and comment are resources and materials for high school World History and Geography, English Language Arts for grades 6-12, and mathematics for grades 6-8.

Materials will be available to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 13-14, 18-21 and 24-27 at the Lewis-Palmer School District 38 Administration Building, 146 Jefferson St. in Monument.

“The purpose of the community review is to seek feedback from the community regarding the options that have been selected by teachers within the district,” Johnson said. “The feedback is given to the board as per policy.”

If the district is closed for inclement weather during the review period, the materials will be available for an additional make-up day set for the same hours on Feb. 28.

Per policy, the final decision for adoption rests with the district superintendent and is subject to approval by the Board of Education. D-38 offers a public review of core curriculums up for adoption every spring.

“We review all content and grade levels as often as possible,” Johnson said. “At this point, (it happens) approximately every five to seven years, depending on available funding.”

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