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The Taste of Philly on Nevada is pictured on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. Photo by Stacie Scott, The Gazette.

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I once got the taste of Philly at one of that city’s more famous joints: Geno’s. Every cheesesteak after that was subpar at best — until now.

Our city’s own Taste of Philly lives up to the name.

Specialty sandwiches abound, but I went with the original ($8.25 for 8-inch): chopped steak, grilled onions and American cheese between the supposed “gold standard” of cheesesteak bread (Amoroso’s).

I felt I had returned East.

Taste of Philly locations in Colorado Springs are on Eighth Street, North Academy Boulevard, Hancock and South Academy, and Dublin Boulevard.

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Seth is a features writer at The Gazette, covering the outdoors and the people and places that make Colorado colorful.

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