If you could time travel, an interesting 18th century conversation you may decide to have could be with Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi. Here's why that chat could be one to remember if you mention Spinphony, sounds like symphony during that conversation with him. Spinphony is our featured performer for our live Take 10 on Friday during the noon hour. These are four classically trained female musicians who perform a unique mash-up-mix of Baroque and other classical music stirred in to a mix with rock, country or other genres.

For Vivaldi, his legendary music has been put into a blender with country legend, Charlie Daniels. Spinphony came up with a song entitled, "Vivaldi went down to Georgia." This is Charlie D's, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" classic with a twist.

Brett Omara is the guiding force of this high-energy, 4-year-old Spinphony group. "It's a fun challenge to create and arrange mash-ups with the different genres of music. As classically trained musicians, we were all part of orchestras where we sat down and played the beauty of Baroque or other styles. Now we are a high-energy group that directly interacts with our audience. We are light-hearted and rock out. It's a fun time."

Spinphony combines playing instruments to tight mash-up music styles with dance choreography to make Spinphony come to life. Brett Omara and Anna Morris play violin. Michaela Borths plays viola and Kari Cliston plays cello. Put these high-powered performers together on stage and you have the makings of music wonder and Spinphony.

While Spinphony is into mash-ups, they also have created originals. They have two albums that have been released and one of them is original music. They hope 2018 will be the year for their third project to be released.

Omara admits this hybrid type of sound can be intimidating to explain to club owners or show promoters to get them to book Spinphony, "We don't fit in the classical world or in the world of existing music. We are finding our own way."

Recently, Spinphony played Red Rocks and I could sense over the phone talking with Brett, a gentle pause and reflection from her about how monumental a performance that was for her and her fellow musicians.

You get to see and hear what Red Rocks experienced with Spinphony, Friday live on Take 10 on the Gazette News Facebook platform during the noon hour.

We at the Gazette are proud of promoting live Colorado entertainment and hope you will be the next performer on a future live Take 10. If you are musician, magician, poet, playwright or whatever you do to wow a live crowd, email me at eric.singer@gazette.com so that I can pencil you in for a future performance.

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