Broncos quarterback Drew Lock stands on the sidelines Aug. 28 during a preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams in Denver.

Corral is OK.

Will Matt Corral become another NFL quarterback from Ole Miss in the tradition of Archie and Eli Manning?

Or possibly a Broncos quarterback from the University of Mississippi like Chad “A Rebel Without A Clue’’ Kelly or Norris Weese?

Perhaps a Broncos’ could-have-been QB out of the state where Dak Prescott played college football?

Maybe one more high-pick quarterback from the South like Tim Tebow, Paxton Lynch and Drew Lock?

How many Broncos does it take to watch a current and a former SEC quarterback? One general manager and four scouts. How many Broncos does it take to change a quarterback? One head coach, one offensive coordinator and one general manager.

Although G-Man GM claimed the past week that the Broncos are concentrating in the present, George Paton was focusing on the future Saturday, awe-struck to see Corral and Malik Willis, who used to be at Auburn. George took an entire three-row SUV to William Faulkner’s hometown of Oxford, Miss.

Liberty’s Willis, who threw three interceptions in the 27-14 loss, didn’t help himself. Corral aided his personal cause and financial fortune. He was 20-27 for 324 yards, a touchdown and no picks, so he remains a prime Heisman candidate and the first quarterback to be drafted. He’s the best of a bunch of rather inconspicuous QBs.

If the Broncos drool while contemplating Corral, they probably will have to trade several draft choices to obtain a higher choice than 15 and compete with the Washington Football Team, the Lions, the Texans, the Panthers and the Falcons.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to find out about Lock – unless they already have made a decision to discard him?

Paton was asked in a rare media conference – principally to praise the departed Von Miller -- about Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock.

He never uttered Drew’s name while commending Teddy’s leadership and quarterback ship, saying the players around him must improve.

Bridgewater realistically ranks 19th in the NFL through eight games. His season has been similar to the Three Bears’ porridge.

When the Broncos fall to the Cowboys Sunday, the 17-game season will be more than half completed, half-empty. Paton publicly says he expects the Broncos to do better. He repeated several times that the Broncos are 4-4, but once admitted the record appears to be more like “2-6’’, then later offered “1-7.’’ None of the three is acceptable after a 3-0 start.

At 4-5, and with at least four defeats on the horizon and without their premier player, the Broncos will be considering a draft position, not a playoff position. As Paton hyped, the Broncos will have 11 – not victories, but selections. The Broncos are “”not rebuilding’’, but continuing “to build a foundation.’’ Is there a difference?

The Broncos definitely must start Lock for the last eight games. Maybe the other Broncos will rally around him and improve performances or stay about the same as with Bridgewater. Based on his 2020-2021 seasons, Teddy, who will be an unrestricted free agent, won’t receive attractive starting proposals from teams bent on a fresh quarterback. He is a backup quarterback-in-waiting here or elsewhere.

Lock remains an unknown factor.

Is he the quarterback who won four of the final five in 2019 or lost four of the final five in 2020? Is Lock the guy who played admirably in exhibitions this year or the fellow who played poorly in one half of a regular-season game? At 25, is he washed up and emotionally down, just a typical one-trick Bronco since the Broncos’ Glory Days and a quarterback who goes on to the Lions (who apparently briefly wanted him) or journeys around the league?

Meanwhile, the Broncos scour the world, including Mississippi, for a quarterback.

Two that they coveted – Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers – have issues. Would the Broncos still want to pursue either; does the Broncos’ fading fan following care about their luggage – even if Watson would only waive his no-trade clause to move to the Dolphins and can’t settle the 22 allegations against him, and Rodgers is in jeopardy after proclaiming that instead of a vaccination, he relied on homeopathic solutions, a medication generally used to treat parasites in animals and advice from a podcast host/comedian?

Broncos and Corral does seem like a symbiotic relationship.

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