If the Broncos don’t change, Vance Joseph could be bye-bye by the bye.

Joseph finally agrees with a David Bowie lyrical assessment.

“I won’t share what we’re going to change, but there’s going to be changes,’’ the coach stated on the Broncos’ website.

The other philosophy is: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

However, if Joseph hopes to keep his job the rest of the season, and beyond, the Broncos must make changes and corrections or continue to collapse.

He admitted after the puny breakdown in New Jersey that the Broncos aren’t “going to play how we played. We’re not going to do that. So something’s got to change. You don’t play that brand of football and keep it all the same.’’

AdVance, not retreat and repeat.

Guess who’s coming to Denver? The Rams — owned by the man who owns the Nuggets, the Avalanche and the Rapids. Stan Kroenke certainly has been willing to shell out and load up lately to improve his franchises in this country and England (Arsenal). All of them except the Rapids should make the postseason, and his L.A. team is an authentic Super Bowl contender at 5-0.

At least, the Broncos’ wide receivers don’t have to worry about their jewelry Sunday ... Aqib Talib underwent ankle surgery last month and won’t be in Denver.

But quarterback Jared Goff, No. 1 in the league in passing yardage, and running back Todd Gurley, No. 2 in rushing, and Aaron Donald and Ndamakong Suh, two of the NFL’s most feared defensive linemen, certainly will play, and Brandin Cooks, sixth overall among receivers, is expected to participate.

And Wade Phillips returns.

Joseph is on the clock, and he hasn’t handled the clock, timeouts, coach’s challenges and the players’ situations with experienced skill. The Broncos have won only one of 10 on the road with Joseph, but even more disturbing is they have a 6-5 record at home during 2017-18. Since the advent of the 16-game schedule in 1978, the Broncos have won six or more games at home in 25 seasons.

The first change is the reflection staring at Joseph when he shaves.

He needs help in game management. Put somebody on the other end of the headset to offer sound advice, especially when the Broncos are behind three scores and turn down an easy opportunity for one. Joseph has to be more forceful with officials, his own staff and personnel on the field. Coach Milquetoast should seek a personality transplant.

(Four of the other five head coaches hired last year have better records than Joseph, who said, when hired, he got the most desirable post. Sean McVay, who became the youngest head coach in NFL history, is 16-5 with the Rams. Doug Marrone took the Jaguars to the conference championship game, and the Bills got into the playoffs. Former Broncos’ backup Anthony Lynn is 12-9 with the Chargers. Kyle Shanahan, the other Broncos finalist, also has won just a third of his games (7-14).)

John Elway is not a patient man.

He called the Broncos “soft’’ last season. He obviously is seething.

Changes I recommend: Get a third pass-rushing linebacker, Shane Ray or Shaq Barrett, into every play to take the pressure and chipping off Von Miller. Move Bradley Roby back to slot and put Trumaine Brock outside. Get Shelby Harris on the field regularly. Blitz safeties against Goff.

Joseph should concentrate on assisting Joe Woods, who has transformed a dominant defense into a sieve that ranks 27th.

Courtland Sutton must play full time, even if Demaryius Thomas must stand on the sideline. Max Garcia must replace Connor McGovern at right guard, and Garett Bolles must be told by those two brilliant offensive line coaches that every time he holds, he must sit the rest of the series. The Broncos can’t abandon the run as they keep doing with those outstanding rookie backs.

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Denver quarterback Chad Kelly throws in preseason at Broncos Stadium on Oct. 11 . Woody Paige thinks he should play unless Case Keenum generates TDs early Sunday.

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And if Case Keenum fails to score touchdowns in the red zone (he’s last in the league) early against the Rams, doesn’t get rid of the ball quickly, or scramble out of trouble, Chad Kelly must have a turn, as he should have Sunday in the fourth quarter.

Change for the Broncos is the only chance, or there will be no future for Vance.

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