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Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) shakes hands with Denver Broncos cornerback A.J. Bouye (21) after an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker)

1. Tampa Bay has clinched a playoff spot, snapping a 12-year playoff drought. Cleveland can do the same Sunday, ending a 17-year streak. If the Browns get in, only one team would own a longer current playoff drought than the Broncos, which team is it?

A. Jets

B. Raiders

C. Chargers

D. Vikings

2. True or false: The Broncos' stretch of five consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance is their longest since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.



3. Unless the Broncos get 406 passing yards from Drew Lock, 107 rushing yards from Melvin Gordon III or 284 receiving yards from Jerry Jeudy, it will finish the season without a 3,000-yard passer or 1,000-yard rusher or receiver. Who was the team’s leading passer the last time that happened?

A. Brian Griese

B. John Elway

C. Trevor Siemian

D. Steve DeBerg

4. True or false: Devontae Booker’s 407 rushing yards this season with the Raiders is more than he gained in any of his four seasons with the Broncos?



5. A victory on Sunday would allow the Raiders to finish 8-8 and avoid a losing season. How many times have they finished at least .500 since their Super Bowl appearance following the 2002 season?

A. 3

B. 5

C. 7

D. 9

6. Derek Carr, with 3,732 passing yards, will lead the Raiders in that category for the seventh consecutive years. Who is the only other quarterback in franchise history to lead the team in passing seven times?

A. JaMarcus Russell

B. Rich Gannon

C. Daryle Lamonica

D. Ken Stabler

7. Derek Carr is the Raiders' all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns. He’s also the leader in quarterback losses, as the team has gone 46-63 in his starts. Which Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas quarterback has the second-most losses?

A. Rich Gannon

B. Jeff Hostetler

C. Tom Flores

D. Jay Schroeder

8. True or false: Colorado Springs native Daniel Carlson is the Raiders’ all-time leader in field-goal accuracy among players with more than three attempts.



9. Which NFL team statistic do the Broncos lead?

A. Rushing yards

B. Passing attempts

C. First down defense

D. Offensive turnover percentage

10. Melvin Gordon would reach 1,000 rushing yards with 107 yards on Sunday. How many previous 1,000-yard seasons does he have in his six-year career?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3


1. A – The Jets will enter 2021 with a 10-year playoff drought. The Broncos will be tied for second at five years with Arizona (which can remove itself from this list with a victory this weekend), Washington (also in position to get in this year) and Cincinnati.

2. False – The Broncos didn’t make the playoffs during the first six years after the merger and also had a five-year drought from 2006-10.

3. B – In 1992 the Broncos’ leaders were John Elway (2,242 passing yards), Gaston Green (648 rushing yards) and Mark Jackson (745 receiving yards). That team went 8-8, missed the playoffs and the team dismissed coach Dan Reeves following the season.

4. False – Booker ran for 612 yards as a rookie with Denver in 2016. His next-best season with Denver was 2017, when he ran for 299.

5. A – The Raiders have had just one winning season (12-4 in 2016) since 2002. They also had a pair of 8-8 seasons. They have had 14 losing seasons in that time.

6. D – Stabler led the team in passing for seven straight seasons from 1973-1979.

7. C – Flores, who later guided the team to a pair of Super Bowl titles as a coach, went 30-31 in his starts with the Raiders.

8. True – Carlson, who graduated from The Classical Academy, is 67 of 77 (87%) with the Raiders on field-goal tries, including 7 of 9 from beyond 50 yards. Sebastian Janikowski is second at 80.4% (414 of 515).

9. D – The Broncos have turned the ball over on 18.4% of their offensive possessions, the highest mark in the league.

10. B – Gordon ran for 1,105 yards with the Chargers in 2017, his third NFL season. He went for 997 in 2016.

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