No. 10 WNBA season play opens Friday

No. 9 Local college highlights include any teams and individuals still alive in postseason play

No. 8 Men's ice hockey worlds continue through the weekend in Slovakia

No. 7 The Colorado Springs Switchbacks visit Oklahoma City on Saturday

No. 6 The Colorado Rapids host Columbus on Saturday

No. 5 The Colorado Rockies host the Orioles Friday and Saturday after visiting the Phillies Sunday and Pirates Tuesday to Thursday

No. 4 The NHL playoffs advance past the third round

No. 3 The NBA playoffs move through the third round

No. 2 The PGA Championship is scheduled to conclude Sunday

No. 1 Prep highlights include state girls' soccer, girls' golf, girls' and boys' lacrosse, and state baseball playoffs including 4A in Colorado Springs at UCCS

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NASCAR's and IndyCar's top teams are gearing up for a huge day May 26

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