The Broncos heeded their NFL bosses on Saturday. They flew top pro scout Jordan Dizon to Atlanta to attend the workout the NFL arranged for exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

But when Kaepernick abruptly changed the workout to a different location - from the Falcons' practice facility to an area high school, roughly one hour away - the Broncos and most of the other teams did not follow to the new location, according to an NFL source.

Broncos' crummy loss to Vikings close to a best-case scenario | Paul Klee

The Broncos already had booked a flight for Miami to attend the Dolphins-Bills game to get a look at next week's opponent, Buffalo. The Atlanta leg of the trip was a waste of time for the Broncos, anyway: Paxton Lynch has the same odds as Kaepernick of signing with the Broncos, who might be the last team in the NFL that desires to invite more attention to its wonky quarterback situation: Yes, we have a second-rounder in Drew Lock, and right now a top-10 pick in a quarterback-rich draft, and we owe Joe Flacco $20 million next season, but let’s sign the most polarizing quarterback in NFL history when he hasn’t played in three years! 

Despite all that, the Broncos appeased the NFL and jumped back into this disingenuous song and dance. Once more, for the folks in the back: that Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster has absolutely nothing to do with his playing ability. Zero. Of course he could play somewhere, perhaps even as a starter. But his ability and his protests are not and never have been the reasons why he's not in the league. He’s not in the league because there are maybe 10 quarterbacks on the planet who are worth the financial risk that comes with alienating half your fans — and Kaepernick's not one. Signing Kaepernick immediately puts that team at risk of losing a huge chunk of its following. Explaining Kaepernick’s absence isn’t hard. It's easy. Follow the money, always. 

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