Air Force still hasn’t settled on a quarterback, at least not according to its personnel groupings used in a scrimmage Saturday.

Senior Isaiah Sanders took the bulk of the first-team repetitions, with junior Donald Hammond III working primarily with the second team at the morning session held at Falcon Stadium. This is in contrast to the way they finished the season last year and have worked through most of fall camp, as Hammond had been a clear starter.

It may still be the case that Hammond is the starter, but even Hammond said there’s not an obvious answer as to who runs out first when the starters are called upon.

“It’s a conversation,” he said. “It depends on who went first last time.”

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Neither quarterback did anything particularly noteworthy in Saturday’s scrimmage. Sanders threw an interception to cornerback Tre’ Bugg on a 2-point conversion attempt. Hammond had a few passes dropped by receivers. Both quarterbacks remained in black jerseys and off limits to tacklers, which limits the full evaluation in this system where the quarterbacks run so frequently.

“We’ve really thrown anything we can anticipate seeing during the season at them, just mentally,” coach Troy Calhoun said. “We’ve done that with the entire offense. We’ve done it defensively, too. We’ve stretched the way they look at a defense.

But ultimately, we’ve just go to make sure we pare it down to where they can operate and execute really aggressively, too.”

Calhoun brushed aside a question about what it meant that the quarterbacks were swapping reps with the first team.

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“For us, we’re going to get as much done as we possibly can today. And we got a lot done today.”

Hammond said he’s fine with the competition from Sanders.

“I think competition makes everybody better,” Hammond said.

“I think it’s good that neither of us get complacent on a daily basis.”

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