The Colorado Springs minor league baseball team formerly known as the Sky Sox was rebranded Monday as the Rocky Mountain Vibes.

The Vibes have a s’more mascot wearing sunglasses named Toasty.

“It checked all the boxes,” said Chris Phillips, who has overseen the name change and the upcoming shift from Triple-A to Rookie League in his first few months as general manager. “I’m proud to say I run the Rocky Mountain Vibes. That’s awesome. It’s fun."

Potential backlash nixed one potential Sky Sox name, cannabis shop squashed another
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The reaction on social media varied and was both positive and negative. Here's a sample:

- "And I thought our Trash Pandas were ridiculous.....smh. Minor league baseball.... wth? A s'more?" - Wally Olszewski, on Facebook.

- "Not good, why can’t they keep Colorado Springs in the name? Colorado Springs is actually on the plains and not a mountain city." - Bob Ramsel, on Facebook.

- "Looks like the mascot is wearing Poptarts on each arm."  - Janet Durkin, in The Gazette's comments section.

- "At least he is not smoking a blunt!!" - Paul A. Lawrence, on Facebook.

- "It's way better than their original options. Those were just flat out embarrassing." - Brianna Robinson, on Facebook.

- "Who's ready to score smore runs." - Nat Carter, on Facebook.

- "At least theres a ready-made theme song (Good Vibrations)." - Tim Fotinos, in The Gazette's comments section.

- "That's just terrible all around. Name sucks, the mascot looks like a homeless dude on fire wearing pizza boxes on his arms. Just stop." - Stan Hicks, on Facebook.

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