The Colorado Springs Sky Sox fell short against the Memphis Redbirds at Security Service Field in the fourth of the best of five game playoffs by a score of 11-8 on Saturday September 9, 2017 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo by Dougal Brownlie, The Gazette).

Let’s go Lamb Chops!

That could soon be chanted at Security Service Field, as the Colorado Springs Sky Sox have released the five name-change finalists that will be put to a fan vote.

Beginning in 2019, the team could be known as the Happy Campers, Lamb Chops, Punchy Pikas, Throttle Jockeys or the Rocky Mountain Oysters.

That’s the list after more than 2,000 entries were received.

Which name do you like best?

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are changing their name for the 2019 season. Here are the finalists.

You voted:

“We’re pretty excited,” general manager Chris Phillips told The Gazette. “We’re all happy with the top five and it’s going to be fun to see some fan interaction and how things go from here.”

Rocky Mountain Oysters in particular would be controversial, as not many teams have taken their name from deep fried cattle testicles. But the team has courted controversy throughout this not-always-popular process.

“We’re going to see how it plays out,” Phillips said.

After deciding to rename and rebrand the team in conjunction with next year’s drop from Triple-A to Rookie League, the Sky Sox asked the community for name suggestions that would be judged on originality, creativity, uniqueness, regional relevance and appropriateness for audience.

It’s important to note that nothing related to alcohol — the Microbrewers? — or legal-in-Colorado marijuana — the Rocky Mountain High? — made the final list.

Fans will now be allowed to vote on the Sky Sox website through Aug. 1. The final vote tally will not be released, and the team will ultimately have the final say in the decision. The fans who submitted the five name finalists will be invited to an unveiling event this fall, with the winner receiving a package that includes four season tickets.

“We were overwhelmed with the unique and incredible stories that were told by fans,” Phillips said in a press release. “This process has displayed the true passion that this community has for Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak region, and the state of Colorado. We’ve worked diligently to take all of your responses very seriously while still remaining fun and true to the spirit of Minor League Baseball. We believe these top five names encompass the personality of this community and region.”


(in alphabetical order as provided by the team)

Colorado Springs Happy Campers

The Happy Campers celebrates Colorado Springs’ positive attitude and our love of nature, camping and all things outdoors.

Colorado Springs Lamb Chops

The largest and highest quality lamb in the world, the Lamb Chops is a nod to the World Famous Colorado Lamb. We’ve got the chops!

Colorado Springs Punchy Pikas

Known for its iconic forceful bark, these impressive critters call Pikes Peak home.

Colorado Springs Throttle Jockeys

Aim high! The Throttle Jockeys is a tribute to our brave pilots who train and call Colorado Springs home.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

It’s a classic Minor League Baseball name in the making, this original cowboy fare has already been made famous at Colorado fairs, festivals and baseball games.

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