Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Gould ready for intense College Football Playoff committee commitment
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Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michael C. Gould wait in the tunnel Wednesday, May 29, 2013, to be introduced during the 2013 Air Force Academy graduation ceremony for the 1024 cadets at Falcon Stadium. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)

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The DirecTV feed is ready to go at the home of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, with a near constant loop of college football set to play over the next few months.

Gould, a former Air Force football player and most recently the superintendent of the academy, is part of the first 13-member committee that will select the four participants of the first College Football Playoff. That committee, which includes Condoleezza Rice, Tom Osborne and Barry Alvarez, will meet at The Broadmoor for three days starting Tuesday.

The College Football Committee's senior director Gina Lehe said no press briefings are anticipated during three days of meetings that Gould described as a retreat.

Among the topics of conversation will be the manner the committee will go about digesting the most football possible.

"I've got DirecTV and we'll talk about some other opportunities to get games into the home," Gould said. "I think some of the guys might have a different package."

Each conference will be responsible for sending "coaches' cut-ups," which organize game films into offense, defense and special teams for each of their schools. Those will then be loaded into an application that has been given to committee members to view via Ipads.

Gould said committee members will not be making official appearances at games the way many bowl representatives do. Their work will instead be confined to studying film, dissecting statistics and meeting face-to-face each week in Dallas starting in the final week of October.

That doesn't mean Gould can't attend games in an unofficial capacity. He and his wife, Paula, have every Saturday blocked off when Air Force is at home.

"I'll go watch our Falcons," he said. "That's our team."

A recusal policy will prevent Gould from being present if the committee discusses Air Force, as will be the case to schools which committee members are most closely tied.

Though Gould can be present for discussions about other Mountain West teams, he said he would not be an advocate for the conference or non-Power 5 members in general.

"Not at all," he said. Adding, "We're all humans, of course."

Gould enters his committee service just as controversy swirled around his time as the leader at the academy. The Gazette detailed incidents of sexual assault and other misconduct by cadets, some of whom were members of the football team. Current superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson has ordered an inspector general's investigation of the athletic department.

The New York Times also published an article about the situation that unfolded under Gould's watch.

Gould said he did not consider resigning from the committee as a result of these allegations, many of which are at least 2½ years old.

He did not comment about any of the recent media revelations, but talked at length about his excitement over his new role in what he feels is a "very important time in college football and a big transition."

Gould's commitment will be squeezed around positions on several nonprofit and for-profit boards, volunteer activities and consulting work.

"I'm probably busier now than I was a year ago when I was working full time," he said. "But just like all the other guys who have day jobs, if you will, we're committed to putting the time in during our service on this board. Nobody needs to worry about that. We'll give it whatever it takes to be able to come up with that objective call at the end of the season for picking the best four.

"I think the whole committee is excited about it," Gould added Monday afternoon. "People will be rolling into town tonight. We'll be meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, then we'll get ready for kickoff."

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