RIO DE JANEIRO – For the last week, mosquitoes buzzed around somewhere else, and several thousand Olympic visitors rejoiced.

But the mosquitoes returned, and those same several thousand Olympic visitors are worried. Trust me on that one.

After a week of no mosquitoes, I saw a buzzing flash in my hotel room. I had expected to see large and sinister super mosquitoes in Brazil, but this mosquito was surprisingly tiny.And astonishingly quick. We’re talking Allen Iverson quick. (Iverson, former  point guard for the Denver Nuggets, ranks as the quickest player in NBA history.)

The threat of Zika deeply motivates a man. I really wanted to kill that mosquito. It was fast. I was not nearly so fast, but I towered, in this battle, as a massive, unbeatable opponent. After moments of frantic pursuit, the mosquito was terminated.

But the mosquito was not alone. Three more tiny mosquitoes soon were buzzing around the room. My arsenal of bug spray will be called into service.

Colorado Springs is a heavenly destination for dozens of reasons. One big reason: Mosquitoes seldom choose to dwell in the Springs. I’ve seen only a few dozen during my 13 years of residing on the far north side of the Springs. Living dry and high has its advantages.

Mosquitoes swarm just about everywhere else. We’re fortunate to have traveled to Brazil in the country’s winter. Nights and many days have been cool and dry. Bad weather for mosquitoes.

The temperature and humidity rose on Sunday, which served as a call to the mosquitoes. A prolonged battle – man vs. bug – is on the horizon.