QB Ryan Brand left Air Force Academy in mid-June; still listed on depth chart
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The Air Force Academy confirmed to The Gazette that quarterback Ryan Brand has left the school.

"Ryan Brand voluntarily resigned from the Air Force Academy and departed June 17, 2016," read an email from the public affairs department sent Wednesday afternoon.

The response to an inquiry into Brand's status was delayed because of in-processing and the Fourth of July holiday.

The once- touted recruit leaves the Falcons without attempting a pass or registering a rushing attempt in a game. He is still, however, listed on the depth chart.

Air Force distributed informational notes on the team - updated in the past week - Wednesday that included a depth chart that lists Brand as one of two possible starters at quarterback along with senior Pate Davis.

It is far more likely that the names listed third and fourth - Arion Worthman and Nate Romine - will be the top contenders for the position.

Asked Wednesday if Brand had left, coach Troy Calhoun would not offer a direct answer.

"On Monday, July 18, we'll be able to find out the guys who return to campus and we'll be ready to get after it, too," Calhoun said.

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