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Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson gets ready to run on the field Sunday before a game against the Los Angeles in Inglewood, Calif.  

Scrooge, Hans Gruber, The Abominable Snow Monster, Mr. Potter, the red-head bully in “A Christmas Story,” the Grinch and the "Wet Bandits." King Herod and the infamous innkeeper.

The Broncos.

Christmas villains added the Broncos on Sunday with the Broncos’ 51-14 loss to the Rams.

Broncos embarrassed by Rams on Christmas Day, with Nathaniel Hackett's job firmly in question

Good Lord. The Broncos are so bad. The Broncos actually might be the ones who finally succeeded in the attempt to ruin Christmas. The Broncos franchise is one giant lump of coal.

George Paton must go. Nathaniel Hackett must go. Russell Wilson needs to go, but he can’t, because Paton and the Walmart crowd screwed up so bad Russ is here for good, like Californians.

The Broncos celebrated Christmas by embarrassing Colorado.

“That was embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. That’s not what we’re about,” Hackett said after.

This is, actually, what the Broncos are about.

“That’s not what we’ve done all year,” Hackett added.

He is correct. The Broncos haven’t done it for one year. They’ve done it for seven. For Christmas, the Broncos unwrapped the longest postseason drought after a Super Bowl win — seven seasons. They celebrated with the worst margin of defeat since losing 59-14 to the Raiders in 2010. They celebrated by fighting the Rams. Broncos mistake Randy Gregory sucker-punched Rams lineman Oday Aboushi in the post-game handshake scrum. Gregory must go, too. I wrote a month ago the Broncos should be flexed out of December. My bad. Make it 2022-30. Sorry, again, America. 

Good Lord, the Broncos are so bad!

Randy Gregory's frustrations boil over in loss to Rams

Wilson should be benched for the final two games, on the road vs. the Chiefs, home vs. the Chargers. He’s not a winnable NFL starting quarterback, and the Broncos gain nothing by losing. Their first-round pick is going to the Seattle Seahawks. In baseball, Bud Black yanks the starter when he’s this bad: Wilson completed two passes to the Rams before he completed a pass to his fellow Broncos. The Rams had 17 points before the Broncos had a first down.

Hackett should’ve been fired yesterday. Relegate the whole operation to the SEC or Pac-12.

The Broncos are so bad.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Wilson’s total QBR of 3.6 was the lowest of his career. He’s terrible now. He’s Paxton Lynch bad, and he’s owed $109 million over the next three years.

Good Lord. What have the Broncos done?

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“We got our ass kicked,” Justin Simmons said.

At least Simmons is used to it. Broncos Country is not. Fire everybody. Accountability, for once.

The Broncos are that bad.

This is the first time in your Broncos fandom the Nuggets and Rockies are superior to the Broncos. The Broncos’ season used to be the end of Rockies season. Now, on Christmas Day, you count down the minutes until the Broncos game is over so you can watch the Nuggets.

The Rams had not scored more than 10 points in a first quarter. They scored 17 Sunday.

The score was 24-3 with 9:42 left in the first half. Watching lights twinkle was more fun.

The Wal-Mart crowd is 4-11 since it bought the team. Pat Bowlen would fire the Wal-Mart crowd.

There will be Monday Night Football on December 25, 2023. Don’t even think about it, NFL.

In a Netflix world, the Broncos are straight to DVD.

3 takeaways from Broncos' 51-14 loss to Rams: Russell Wilson throws 3 interceptions

I can’t think of a more embarrassing accessory right now than a Broncos jersey. A paper bag? A COVID mask? Wilson threw three interceptions. Two came on two of his first three pass attempts.

The Rams didn’t run away with the win. They were the only ones who pursued it.

The Rams’ punter is named Riley Dixon. Per Spotrac, Dixon made $57,500 to not punt.

Russ has been with the Broncos for nine months. Quarterback Baker Mayfield had been with the Rams for 17 days. Mayfield completed 24 of 28 passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns. He shredded the Broncos' "great" defense. Wilson was 15 of 27 for 214 yards, one touchdown, three picks. The Broncos are 4-11. They’re on pace to finish last in the AFC West for the third straight season. They’re awful.

“I wish we could all go back and make those 10 games-plus better,” Wilson said.

Fair enough. I wish we could all go back to John Elway, Peyton Manning or even Trevor Siemian at quarterback, Elway or his predecessors as general manager, Vance or Vic or Mike or Wade as coach. The only one Colorado's not taking back is Josh. None were as bad as the Broncos on Christmas Day. All would be an upgrade.

It’s that bad with the Broncos.

The Broncos are so bad.

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