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Broncos quarterback Case Keenum throws down field against the Seahawks during the first quarter Sunday at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver.

DENVER • This being Colorado and all, I’m guessing you found time to see what happened Sunday afternoon at Broncos Stadium at Mile High. The Broncos survived the Seahawks, 27-24, and they’re 1-0 in 2018.

What transpired afterward, away from the cameras, is why the Broncos are going to be better than anyone outside their locker room and hallways seems to believe: Case Keenum cracking jokes with the five offensive linemen who kept him upright and clean for most of a 60-minute thriller; John Elway chatting up Keenum during an animated conversation next to the quarterback’s locker; Keenum tugging at Von Miller’s slick flowery dress shirt (cape?) until the buttons snapped undone.

“They saved my butt,” Keenum allowed.

Just when Keenum’s debut looked like a dud, it was remembered he’s surrounded by dudes.

“I’m going to keep slinging the ball,” Keenum said after throwing three bad interceptions.