Paul Klee breaks down Von Miller’s sudden silence, the Brandon McManus vs. Gardner Minshew mustache battle, the mysterious legend of Broncos cornerback Bryce Callahan

Would Von Miller request a trade? You know things are bad when the magnanimous Von Miller stops talking. But I’m not ready to chalk up Von’s 12-second news conference as no biggie, as Vic Fangio did: “I’d just imagine he might be tired of answering the same questions over and over again,” Fangio said. Makes sense, until you consider Miller conducted his stretching routine far away from his Broncos teammates at practice. Who cares if he dismisses local media in the shortest press conference of his career? Von’s given us far more time than we deserve. But there’s something off with the face of the franchise, and the Broncos won’t be a threat to the competition until the Broncos get him right. Winning a game is Fangio’s No. 1 priority. Figuring out what ails Von Miller is a close 1A. Would Milller ever consider requesting a trade — similar to Jaguars star Jalen Ramsey? “If you don’t see a future in a team that you’re in right now, why wait it out?” Miller said last week. He added, “It’s a totally different scenario for me and what I would do.” But if the Broncos continue losing, Miller should pursue what’s in his best interests. He’s made $108 million here, according to Forcing a trade would be extremely un-Von. But so is going silent.

Best mustache Sunday isn’t Minshew’s — it’s McManus’

The golf game that plays to a 4 handicap. The Super Bowl 50 run in which he led the Broncos in scoring. The mustache. No one around these hills wants to see Brandon McManus anywhere but in orange and blue. So if the McManimal could channel his inner Jason Elam and make his next 10 field goals to ice everyone’s nerves, we’d appreciate it. “It shouldn’t be a concern” that McManus missed kicks in consecutive games, Fangio said. “But obviously when it happens two times in a row it is a concern.” OK, so the one miss didn’t count because the Bears jumped offside. Still, McManus knows his paycheck leaps to $3 million next season — a hefty number for a placekicker. Here’s hoping his time as Zach Johnson’s caddie at The Masters calms his own nerves. As a rare source of levity in a seriously serious locker room, McManus should stick around. “I tell Peyton all the time: You’re welcome for the second Super Bowl,” he joked to The Gazette.

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster ... Bryce Callahan?

These NFL gigs? Great work if you can get it. Take Broncos cornerback Bryce Callahan. One of the team’s biggest free agent signings has made $7 million from the Broncos — $4 million in a signing bonus, $3 million for making the 53-man roster — and has yet to play a single snap. It’s Week 4. And if their losing ways continue here’s a hunch you won’t see Callahan play for the Broncos this season. He’s out another 4-6 weeks after undergoing an operation (not surgery) on a foot injury, Broncos coach Fangio said. Sure is a lot of trouble — not to mention cash money — for a guy who’s made only 29 starts over the previous four seasons. But where’s the incentive to play through pain with all that guaranteed money in your pocket? Callahan’s absence has been a damning blow for Denver’s defense, as Chris Harris Jr. would attest. “It’s definitely had an impact,” Fangio admitted.

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