Despite a dismal start to the season, the Denver Broncos still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

A remote chance, but a chance nonetheless.

Nine games must have favorable results for Denver to qualify for the postseason. If you flipped a coin nine times, the odds of getting nine favorable results would be 1 in 512.

The Broncos would need to win each of their remaining three games. They would also need the Steelers and Titans to lose three times each.

Here's how it breaks down. 

Sunday they need:

  • Broncos to beat Chiefs in Kansas City
  • Texans to beat Titans in Tennessee
  • Bills to beat Steelers in Pittsburgh

Week 16 they need:

  • Broncos to beat Lions in Denver
  • Saints to beat Titans in Tennessee
  • Jets to beat Steelers in New York

Week 17 they need:

  • Broncos to beat Raiders in Denver
  • Ravens beat Steelers in Baltimore
  • Texans beat Titans in Houston 
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