Jim's take: Broncos should take shot at Newton

Why shouldn’t Denver take a flier on Cam Newton? If paying him backup money you’re getting a bargain on a former MVP who appears to be in decent shape and health (if videos are to be trusted) and isn’t that long in the tooth (31 on Monday).

Otherwise the Broncos are going into the season with a QB with five starts under his belt and the not-so-fearsome troika of Brandon Allen, Brett Rypien and Jeff Driskel backing up Drew Lock. Is that who you want running the show in the later stages of Von Miller’s career?

Paul Klee: Broncos will take huge leap in 2020.

I don’t think any available backup would be better. The margin between playoff and non-playoff teams in the NFL is slim and can certainly swing on QB performance. And once you’re in, you never know what can happen, other than fans are happier and their wallets lighter for your benefit.

Newton has passed for 29,041 yards and 182 touchdowns with 108 interceptions. He has also rushed for 4,806 yards and a whopping 56 touchdowns. Who knows he might even become the starter, one way or another, this season.

The Patriots should be down after losing Tom Brady, and the Chiefs, well, they should be pretty tough but it might take two good quarterbacks to hang with them. It’s always better to have a strong backup in case of injury, anyway.

After all, Cam Newton was on the field the last time the Denver

Broncos won the Super Bowl. Perhaps he would help them get there again.

Kate's take: Newton not right for Broncos

It was reported Thursday that Cam Newton is open to becoming a backup quarterback “in the right situation.” That situation is not in Denver.

I was a supporter of Newton throughout his tenure with Carolina, shaken somewhat by Routegate 2017 in which he was condescending toward a female reporter. I’m inspired by his fashion sense. Sure, he wears his emotions on his sleeve. But he’s a mercurial figure and it was sort of accepted that having him as your superstar quarterback would be a rocky ride. When he did a front flip into the end zone, all was forgiven. Other teams would love to be rescued by Superman.

Not anymore, as free agents are scooped up and still he sits. He’s been plagued by shoulder and foot injuries for years and season after season fell apart with no solution. It’s an absolute shame for a 30-year-old with his incredible skill set who’s taken a beating, but the Broncos don’t need any more quarterbacks flung off the carousel.

Trying to fit that outsized personality and specialized skill set into an established group anywhere will likely be tricky and the Broncos have enough issues. Despite his many strengths, he’s not the most accurate quarterback, which won’t help Denver’s young receivers. And the Broncos need to build up Drew Locke.

The Broncos need a solid backup plan. Even before all the injuries, “solid” wasn’t a word to describe Newton. He deserves a landing spot where he has a better chance of success.

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