Fans' guide to The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb


2014 Spectator Course Rules

(see; subject to change)

- Spectators will only be allowed to view the race from designated spectator viewing areas along the course: Devil's Playground, Cove Creek, Glen Cove, Ski Area, Halfway Picnic Grounds, and the Start line area. Spectators found outside of these areas are subject to trespassing tickets.

Click here for your high-resolution course map.

- No spectator parking will be allowed anywhere along the course except in five designated parking areas above the start line: Devil's Playground, Cove Creek, Glen Cove, Ski Area, and Halfway Picnic Grounds. Any vehicles parked outside of these designated areas without a PPIHC parking pass are subject to be towed.

- Parking and spectator viewing is available at the start line area. Any spectators found wandering outside of marked spectator viewing areas at the start line are subject to trespassing tickets.

- No more than 1,300 cars will be allowed above the start line to make sure all of the vehicles will be able to fit in the five designated areas. First come, first serve.

- No more than 4,000 tickets will be sold for the 2014 event.

- Within the spectator viewing areas, all spectators must stay as far back from the race course as possible.

- Any orange fencing in a spectator viewing area dictates a high danger area. Do not stand behind orange fencing under any circumstance.

- All spectators must stay behind any chain-linked fence (or otherwise marked areas) that they see in the designated viewing areas. Chain-linked fence does not insure it is a safe area but it is not a restricted area.

- The PPIHC is a dangerous race and all spectators must attend at their own risk. Spectator viewing areas do not insure safety.

- Do not stand or sit where a vehicle might strike you and stay off of hay bales.

- Each spectator viewing area will have specific restrictions and limitations on where spectators can and cannot view the race from. Maps of each area can be found on

- Each spectator is expected to obey request from PPIHC Course Marshals, Crowd Control Staff, race officials, Pikes Peak-America's Mountain Rangers, and Staff and Law Enforcement. Any spectator who ignores request will be subject to expulsion or criminal charges. If you are in doubt about whether you are safe or not please contact a course official for a safe viewing area.

- Everyone in spectator viewing areas are encouraged to have some sort of barrier protection if possible (Rocks, Trees, and Vehicles etc.). Chain link fencing does not qualify as a barrier protection. For those who cannot find barrier protection, it is recommended to enjoy the race from higher ground in order to elevate yourself from the race course.

- PPIHC asks that we all work together to make this race as safe as possible. If you see any potentially dangerous activities on race day tweet them to us @PPIHC_Alerts while using the appropriate hashtag for your location, ex./ #StartLine, #PicnicGrounds, #SkiArea, #GlenCove, #CoveCreek #DevilsPlayground

Waiver: You expressly assume all risks before, during, or after the event including, but not limited to, injury from objects thrown from spectator areas, injury from raceway accidents involving vehicles of any type or parts of raceway vehicles or injury from fires, and agree for yourself and your heirs, representatives, beneficiaries and assigns that the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum, its subsidiaries, affiliates, event participants, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, and any of their employees, agents, officers, and directors are hereby released from any and all claims arising from the event.

Any unauthorized sale of photos or any footage from the 2014 event is strictly prohibited.

- Off-road vehicles - It is illegal to operate any motorcycle, ATV, bicycle or off-road vehicle on the Pikes Peak Highway or surrounding area. Drivers or riders who violate this policy will have their vehicles impounded.

- Pets - No pets are allowed.


Be prepared - As a rule, expect the unexpected on Pikes Peak. The weather can change quickly. Though it may be warm and sunny in Colorado Springs, the weather on Pikes Peak could include, rain, hail or even snow. Bring layers of clothing. In case of hail or lightning, take shelter in your car.

Tune in/Watch the Live Stream - Though the cars may sometimes be out of sight, you can still follow the race by dialing up KRDO 1240 AM. Here is the link to the live stream video:

Children - Definitely bring your children, but keep them close by. The race is fun for the whole family, but the drivers and riders reach high speeds and there are no guardrails. There will be race personnel available to help you find a fun and safe place to watch the race. Avoid areas marked with orange tape.

Directions to the race - Drive west from Colorado Springs on Highway 24 about 10 miles to the town of Cascade and follow the signs. Be sure to arrive early. The toll gate opens to spectators at 3 a.m. If you want to watch the race from the upper portions of the course, be sure to pass the starting line by 7 a.m.

Starting time - Prerace activities begin at 7:30 a.m. The race begins at 8 along with the radio and live broadcast.

Wireless Internet - Wireless internet will be available for purchase at Pit Area/Start Line, 16 Mile, Glen Cove, Halfway Picnic Grounds, Devil's Playground, Ski Area,and the Summit.

Important Parking Information- Spectators can park only at designated areas along the course (see the course map): Once you are on the mountain, unless you park below the Start Line, you will not be able to leave the mountain until the race has concluded. Depending on how the race progresses (no crashes, etc.) this can be anytime from 3-6 p.m. Only one lane uphill traffic is allowed on race day morning. It is very important that you determine where you want to park prior to coming to the event. Please note that if you pass a designated parking area on your way up, you will not be able to come back down to that area.

Think safety first - Though racing is dangerous, the Hill Climb enjoys an enviable safety record. One reason for this record is the good sense of our race fans. To maintain this record, we need your help. Please stay clear of the course at all times and don't sit or stand where a vehicle might strike you. Avoid high-impact areas marked with tape.

Take your time - When the race is over a race official will release vehicles from your parking area. To help avoid a traffic jam, and to ensure a smooth trip down the mountain for everyone, please wait until you are instructed to go. And remember, hot brakes fail. Use a low gear when descending the Pikes Peak Highway.

Leave no trace - The organizers and sponsors of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb are committed to preserving the pristine environment that makes Pikes Peak a special place for all. We have taken great steps to prevent negative impact on these beautiful surroundings. We encourage our spectators to do the same by observing a "Leave No Trace" principal. Avoid fragile vegetation and select durable ground on which to camp, walk and sit, especially on the tundra above timberline. Plants in this area live under extremely harsh conditions and, if destroyed, can take years to recover. Special restoration areas will be enclosed to the extent possible. Please avoid these areas entirely. Please respect this wild environment by not collecting rocks, picking wildflowers or cutting or breaking the branches from trees.

Pack out what you pack in - There is no excuse for leaving your garbage behind. Garbage cans and dumpsters will be available for the proper disposal of trash.


Remember, the race starts at 9,300 feet and finishes at 14,110 feet. For those enthusiastic race fans who choose to venture above timberline beware. Not only are they susceptible to the ever-changing weather conditions, as was experienced in 2004, but also to the effects of high altitude sickness. Signs of altitude sickness include nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fainting. To reduce the severity of the illness medical experts recommend you drink plenty of water, refrain from caffeine and or alcohol. If you are visiting the area and not used to altitude for long periods of time (12-14 hours) we recommend that you enjoy the race from a lower location on the course.

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