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Kris Bryant waits for his turn in the batting cage before a Sept. 19 game in Denver.

Another season without a trip to the playoffs has ended for the Rockies. 

They finish with a 68-94 record and in last place for the eighth time in their 29-year history. There were a few things to be happy about, but the overwhelming memory of the 2022 season is all the things that went wrong. 

The high's and (many) low's of the 2022 season:

Kris Bryant

Six months ago, as word spread in the Rockies' clubhouse at their spring training facility, there was nothing but glee. Their savior was here! The front office believed in them enough to bring in a top-caliber player long-term. The vibes were immaculate. 

That feeling didn't last. 

Bryant played in just 42 games in his first season. He wasn't the leader everyone, including him, expected him to be. They have six more seasons to try again. 

Crickets at the trade deadline

The Rockies were the only team not to make a trade at the August deadline. It's ok though, they said, because instead they locked up Daniel Bard for two more years. Bard has earned every part of that extension, but he would have been extremely valuable on the market. So would have CJ Cron. And José Iglesias. The list goes on. 

They didn't get better. They didn't get worst. They stayed the exact same. 

City connect uniforms

The Rockies have a new color scheme: green on green. Their new license plate uniforms debuted in June. Whether that's a high or low is up to personal opinion, but they did bring some excitement to the team. It's pretty universally agreed on that they would be better with white pants. 

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Power outage

This team makes the Blake Street Bombers seem like an ancient folk tale. A team that should have been built to launch balls out of the park left and right hit only 149 home runs. Only two players, Ryan McMahon and CJ Cron, hit over 20 home runs. Nearly every player, with the exception of the two just listed, hit well below their career-highs. They hit only 148 home runs, the eighth-lowest in MLB. 

And the biggest kicker: the Rockies are one of two teams to not hit a grand slam this year. It's the first time in franchise history that's happened. 

Cron and McMahon, though, did provide two of the high's of the season. They each hit baseballs 504 and 495 feet respectively, the longest and fourth-longest home runs ever at Coors Field. 

Chad Kuhl complete game

Watching Kuhl in the second half of the season, it's hard to justify putting him as a high. But what he did at the end of June, when he pitched a complete game shutout against the Dodgers, was no question the best pitching performance of the season for the Rockies.

Unfortunately for Kuhl, everything went downhill from there. Had had a 8.60 ERA and gave up 18 home runs in his 13 starts after that point. 


The Rockies' rotation was a highlight of last season. The same can't be said about 2022. 

Kyle Freeland fared fine after a series of hiccups, but Germán Márquez, an All-Star a year ago, struggled for most of the season. He got back on track at the end of the season and finished with a 5.00 ERA, the highest in his six-year career.

Antonio Senzatela went on the injured list three times, his season ending in August after he tore his ACL. Kuhl, as already noted, was a liability after July. José Ureña was a rollercoaster, and Ryan Feltner is still a work in progress. Austin Gomber, meanwhile, was mismanaged, taken out of the rotation in July and never put back in because they didn't have time to build him back up. 

Wynton Bernard 

Wynton Bernard worked for 11 years to get the chance to call himself a major league player. He earned every bit of his August call-up, and his pure joy when he finally heard the news brought the entire team to tears. He got 12 hits in his 12 games with the Rockies before they optioned him. Unfortunately for Bernard, that could signify the end of his time with the Rockies. 

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