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Cyclists compete Aug. 25, 2019, during the Colorado Classic in Denver.

Organizers of the Colorado Classic announced plans Tuesday to bring back the pro road cycling race in 2020.

It would be the fourth edition of the stage race, and the second straight that would feature only women.

“We wanted to create a race that challenged the norm for women’s pro cycling, while building a sustainable platform for the future of the sport,” said Lucy Diaz, COO of RPM Events Group. “We are inspired by the response and recognition around our event. ... We are using the momentum from this year to turn our attention towards planning the 2020 event.We have a great foundation to build on and are excited to explore new elements and opportunities with our key stakeholders.

The tentative dates for next year’s race are Aug. 27-30. The host cities have not been announced, and it is not known whether Colorado Springs officials would try to bring the event back to the Pikes Peak region. The Springs served as host of the inaugural stage of the Colorado Classic in 2017. That year, both men and women raced through downtown and Garden of the Gods.

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