DENVER — The Broncos (7-10) crumbled in the fourth quarter against the Chiefs (12-5) Saturday, losing their season finale 28-24. 

Here are the subplots from the game:

Fangio's decision to kick. Trailing 28-21 with 4:41 left to play, coach Vic Fangio decided to kick a field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 9 from the Chiefs' 13-yard-line. Needing a touchdown regardless, some questioned why Fangio didn't go for it. He explained his reasoning after the game. 

Said Fangio: “It’s fourth-and-9 and your odds are very low, through analytics and all that. There was enough time left that gave us a chance to get a stop and even if we gave up a field goal, we’d have a chance. If we go for it and don’t get it and they get that same field goal, then we’re down two scores with not enough time. I understand the second-guessing there but on fourth-and-9, your chances are not great.”

Bolles hopes to build. Like most of the team, left tackle Garett Bolles talked about the future of the Broncos in his postgame press conference. Bolles, who signed a four-year extension last season, will be a big part of the team's long-term plan. And he feels as though they're on the verge of something special.

“It’s like taking the screw driver and screwing in the nail and boom its going to hold up the plywood. That’s a construction term, you might not know that but that’s ok. That’s what it is. We have a great foundation. Now we just need one piece at a time, like when you build a house you have to stack the trenches one at a time and eventually you have a strong house and that’s what we are doing."

Harris' day and season. Defensive end Shelby Harris finished his season strong, totaling two tackles and one sack against the Chiefs Saturday. Harris had arguably the best season of his career, racking up six sacks, with five of those coming in the final 10 games. 

Said outside linebacker Bradley Chubb: "One of the best defensive tackles in the game. He can swat the ball down at the line, he can get sacks, he can stop the run and he can just do a lot of things. I’m really excited to keep building with Shelby and all the rest of the guys on this line."

Jeudy can't find end zone. Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy finished his second season without scoring a touchdown, which is surprising considering most considered him the Broncos' top offensive weapon coming into the season. Jeudy did only play in 10 games, missing a good amount of time with a sprained ankle. He finished the season with 38 receptions and 467 yards. Last season, as a rookie, he had 52 receptions, 856 yards and three touchdowns. 

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