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Alabama defensive back Patrick Surtain II looks on against Notre Dame at the Rose Bowl game Jan. 1 in Arlington, Texas.

The Broncos were busy Friday. 

Not only did they introduce Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II to the media, but they also made some big moves in the second and third rounds, which gave them three more rookies. 

Here's all the nuggets and notes from the day: 

  • GM George Paton said Friday that he never spoke to Patrick Surtain II before drafting in the first round Thursday, feeling confident enough that he didn't need to: "We tried to hide our interest a little bit. I never spoke with Pat. I never Zoomed with him. I told our coaches, 'Don't call him.' I told our scouts, 'Don't call, don't Zoom.' I didn't go to the Alabama pro day."
  • With the new NFL rule change that allows players to wear a wider range of jersey numbers, Surtain hopes to wear No. 2 next season. Nicknamed "PS2" as a kid, he's worn No. 2 his entire career. He even showcased his PS2 themed earrings Friday at his introductory press conference.
  • North Carolina running back Javonte Williams, the Broncos' second round pick Friday, was valedictorian of his high school. The Northeast North Carolina native is considered not only one of the most talented backs in the draft, but also one of the smartest. He's most compared to Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb.
  • Paton said discussions to trade up for Williams Friday night started on Thursday. Williams was one of their top targets in the draft, he said: “We just think he is a special back, a three-down back, really good on first and second down, he can pass protect, he can the ball out of the backfield and just an incredible teammate and incredible off-the-field." 
  • Fangio thinks both Ohio State linebacker Baron Browning and Wisconsin-Whitewater guard/center Quinn Meinerz could play multiple positions for the Broncos. Browning at inside or outside linebacker and Meinerz at guard or center. Fangio: "You don't want to have many guys who are one position only. So, we'll cross-train them. We'll start them off somewhere." 
  • Dropping all the way to the end of the third round at 105, Browning was a bit surprised. But he said Friday night he plans to use it as motivation: “It was a very interesting process. I thought I would be going higher. At the end of the day, I’m just thankful for the opportunity. I’m definitely going to have a chip on my shoulder. I’m willing to do whatever the team needs me to do. I’m just ready to play some football to be honest with you.”
  • The Broncos 98th overall pick, Meinerz, spent his summer last year training on a remote island in Canada during COVID-19: “For two summers, I definitely did that. I was using the resources that I had while I was up there on that island. It was a remote island in the middle of nowhere in Canada, so I had to use the tools that I had to keep getting workouts in to make sure I was prepared for the next football season.”
  • Meinerz might have shot up draft boards more than any other player after the Senior Bowl. Having only played Division III in college, getting an invited to the Senior Bowl helped Meinerz tremendously. Paton said they were impressed with him there and that's why they targeted him and even joked that his competition at the D3 level "was like Vic (Fangio's) size."
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