Air Force Falcons fall to Nevada Wolf Pack by an inch

Air Force quarterback Arion Worthman will serve as an acquisitions officer in Los Angeles following graduation.

The United States Air Force will gain 77 pilots from the academy’s graduating class of athletes, including all four members of the golf team and all three from rifle.

In the weeks following Thursday’s commencement ceremony, former Falcons will scatter to points ranging from Colorado Springs to Japan.

The football team will spread its 31 grads among nine states for work in nine fields, including pilot training, cyberspace, intelligence, acquisitions, remote piloted aircraft, missiles, logistics, space ops and civil engineering. Coach Mike Kazlausky’s baseball team will send eight of its 12 grads to pilot training and of the seven hockey grads, two will attend graduate school and two others will serve in a medical field.

Here’s the full list of assignments for the athletes from Air Force’s Class of 2019:


Karter Cook, UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training), Laughlin AFB, Texas

Rob Dau, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Jacob Gilbert, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Matt Hargreaves, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Daniel Jones, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Gabe Martinez, UPT, Euro-Nato, Sheppard AFB, Texas

Tyler Mortenson, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Ethan Nichols, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Steven Plaskett, UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), Randolph AFB, Texas

Nic Ready, Logistics, Charleston AFB, S.C.

Jacob Saucedo, Maintenance, Yokota AB, Japan

Drew Wiss, Combat Rescue, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

Men’s Basketball

Pervis Louder, Coach/Instructor, USAFA Prep

Women’s Basketball

Venessannah Itugbu, Acquisitions, Travis, AFB, Calif.


Charles Davis, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Molly Laatsch, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Alyssa Staton, Information Ops, USAFA

Meriah Valk, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Maria Martinez, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Brianna Murray, Combat Systems, Pensacola, Fla.

Arianna Mosley, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Mike Grindle, UPT, Columbus AFB, Texas

Men’s and Women’s Diving

Bella Farrell, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas


Garrett Amy, UPT, Sheppard AFB, Texas

Brody Bagnall, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Marcus Bennett, Cyberspace, USAFA

Robert Bullard, Cyberspace, USAFA

Micah Capra, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Ronald Cleveland, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Ross Connors, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Noah Crabbe, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Austin Cutting, Acquisitions, Moody AFB, Ga.

Blake Dailey, Acquisitions, Arnold AFB, Tenn.

Ryan Darby, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Kyle Floyd, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Christiaan Frost, Missiles, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Cody Gessler, RPA, Randolph AFB, Texas

Ben Harris, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Danny Highland, UPT, Columbus, AFB, Miss.

R.J. Jackson, UPT, Sheppard AFB, Texas

Garrett Kauppila, Acquisitions, Los Angeles AFB (scheduled to graduate in December)

Max Kemper, Logistics, Eglin AFB, Fla.

Griffin Landrum, UPT, USAFA

Jacob Matkovich, Acquisitions, Los Angeles AFB

Drew McAdams, Acquisitions, Los Angeles AFB

Malik Miller, Space Ops, Buckley AFB, Colo.

Stone Miller, Civil Engineering, Whiteman AFB, Mo.

Abraham Nuno, Acquisitions, Hanscom AFB, Mass.

Matt Philichi, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Andrew Smith, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Dailen Sutton, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Bryce Vonzurmuehlen, Acquisitions, Los Angeles AFB

Parker Wilson, Acquisitions, Hanscom AFB, Mass.

Arion Worthman, Acquisitions, Los Angeles AFB

Men’s Fencing

Morgan Geneste, Electrical Engineering, Kunsan, AB, Korea

Cameron Sullivan, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Women’s Fencing

Brenna Chen, Medical School, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

Jackie Orcutt, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Elianna Ryan, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Lauren Sides, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Katelyn Walbridge, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.


Andy Germann, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Turner Howe, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Bryant Falconello, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Tate Tatom, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Men’s Gymnastics

Lukas Texeira, Maintenance, Eglin AFB, Fla.

Eric Klein, Civil Engineering, Elmendorf AFB, Ala.

Christian Kalustian, Missiles, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Jonah Urlaub, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Ryan Girouard, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Women’s Gymnastics

Emily Luers, Intelligence, Good Fellow AFB, Texas

Analise Howard, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Mariana Murphy, Intelligence, Good Fellow AFB, Texas

Brittney Reed, Intelligence, Good Fellow AFB, Texas

Riley Hill, Acquisitions, Arnold AFB, Tenn.


Dan Bailey, Medical Service Corps, Offutt AFB, NE

Billy Christopoulos, Acquisitions, Hanscom AFB, Mass.

Evan Feno, Medical Service Corps, Aviano AFB, Italy

Evan Giesler, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Kyle Haak, Graduate School, TBD

Matt Koch, Graduate School, TBD

Matt Serratore, Acquisitions, Hanscom AFB, Mass.


Jeremiah Hemme, Maintenance, Kirtland AFB, NM

Jack Flynn, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Cameron Carter, AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Blake Gillund, Developmental Engineering, Robins AFB, Ga.

Roman Rohrbach, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Christian Pung, Acquisitions, Peterson AFB, Colo.

Stephen Parker, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Logan Taucher, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Trent Harper, Space Ops, Cape Cod Airfield, Miss.

Tim Baker, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Brandon Jones, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Roland Wheeler IV, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.


Spencer Cap, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Nicholas Learn, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Anna Weilbacher, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Women’s Soccer

Rafaella Bucur, Space Ops, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Jennifer Hiddink, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Taylor Cobb, Hospital Administration, Wright-Patterson, AFB, OH

Kaitlyn Cook, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Hailey Laub, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Bre Robertson, Airfield Ops, Eglin AFB, Fla.

Alejandra Reveles, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Men’s Soccer

Tucker Bone, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Austin Dewing, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Austin Guerrero, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Daniel Han, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

David Louthan, UPT, Vance AFB, Texas

Luiz Martinez, Maintenance, Barksdale AFB, LA

Zane Moxley, Acquisitions, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Klinton Parker, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

James Sims, Graduate School, Virginia Tech

Women’s Swimming

Elisabeth Brechbuhl, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Jessica Chen, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Kathy Lim, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Elizabeth Mahoney, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Gaby Miller, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Emma Strom, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Men’s Tennis

Tadhg Collins, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Austin Gula, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Isaac Perez, UPT, Del Rio AFB, Texas

Luke Sanderson, Cyberspace, Maxwell AFB, AL

Women’s Tennis

Meredith Laskey, UPT, Columbus, AFB, Miss.

Elizabeth Barnickel, Civil Engineering, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Women’s Track

Andrea Abel, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Shanna Burns, Civil Engineering, Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz.

Liz Jarvis, Maintenance, Tinker AFB, Okla.

Aryn Maxwell, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Jerni Self, UPT, TBA

Jaci Smith, Developmental Engineering, Los Angeles AFB

Kathryn Tomczak, Cyber, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Men’s Track

Zach Carreon, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Nic Cheuvront, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Garrett Coalson, TACP, JB Lewis-McChord, WA

David Collins, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Mickey Davey, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Logan Feasline, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Micah Fontaine, Maintenance, Little Rock AFB, Ark.

Sam Hinegardner, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Gordon Kowalkowski, UPT, Laughlin AFB, Texas

Erik McMillan, UPT, Sheppard AFB, Texas

Miguel Molas, UPT, Randolph AFB, Texas

Walker Newell, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Reece Pontious, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Jack Quinn, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Noah Riley, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Preson Roche, Medical School, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Trevor Siniscalchi, Acquisitions, Edwards AFB, Calif.

Nathan Thomas, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Sedacy Walden, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Josh Wojciechowski, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Tyler Younkers, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.


Abigail Miksch, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas

Elizabeth Pennington, UPT, Vance AFB, Okla.

Lauren Heldt, Logistics, Lackland AFB, Texas

Shanleigh Conlan, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Sarah Hellman, Logistics, Pope Airfield, NC

Water Polo

Ryan Dorris, Missiles, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Edward Smet, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

George Millard, RPAs, Randolph AFB, Texas


Beau Billingsley (Manager), Space Ops, Buckley AFB, Colo.

Luke Boyle, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Josh Giorgio, UPT, Columbus AFB, Miss.

Isaac Jimenez, Civil Engineering, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Alex Lopouchanski, Space Ops, Buckley AFB, Colo.

Anthony McLaughlin, Space Ops, Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Alex Mossing, Cyberspace, Keesler AFB, Miss.

Josh Mossing, Intelligence, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Adam Pelter, Maintenance, Osan AFB, Korea

John Twomey, Acquisitions, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

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