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In 2012, The Gazette convened a committee of coaches, officials and administrators to name an all-time boy's high school basketball team from the Colorado Springs area.

Now it's time to honor the girls.

Appended at the bottom of this story is a brief overview of the top players and teams in our region’s history to serve as a guide as we turn our focus to naming the top 15 high school girls basketball players to ever take the court in the Pikes Peak area – a region that stretches north and south from Monument to Fountain, and east to west from about Calhan to Woodland Park.

If anyone notices omissions, please make it known as we want to consider all worthy players.

Further, we need suggestions or volunteers to fill out our list of voters. We seek officials, administrators, coaches, players… anyone who would have paid close attention to the girls’ game in the area for a significant stretch of time since the sport became sanctioned in the mid-1970s.

I can be reached at brent.briggeman@gazette.com


All-America honors

Erin Scholz, Doherty (1993) – Parade All-American second-team; Kodak Girls High School All-America Game

Jessika Stratton, Coronado (1998-2000) – Two-time USA Today H.M. All-America; Gatorade All-American; Street and Smith H.M. All-America three times.

Alisha Godette, Doherty (2003) – Parade All-American fourth-team

Kylee Shook, Mesa Ridge (2016) – McDonald’s All-American

Diana Huber, St. Mary’s (1981) – Third team (noted in her St. Mary’s Hall of Fame bio, but no publication is cited)


Gatorade Players of the Year in Colorado

Erin Scholz, Doherty (1993)

Sherrice King, Rampart (1988)

Jessika Stratton, Coronado (2000)


Pro players

Ambrosia Anderson, Doherty (WNBA)

Carrie Bacon, Harrison (NWBL, eight years in Europe)

Christy Bacon, Harrison (16 years in Sweden)

Shamela Hampton, Sierra (Professionally in Europe, most recently in Poland)

Tierra Harris, Pine Creek (Iceland)

Jeneesa “Chucky” Jeffrey, Sierra (WNBA)

Melody Johnson, Palmer (WNBA)

Fatima Maddox, Mesa Ridge (Harlem Globetrotters; professionally in Sweden)

Kaitlyn Mileto, Mesa Ridge (Australia)

Danielle Page, Lewis-Palmer (WNBA as well as Europe; represented Serbia in the Olympics)

Taylor Proctor, Sand Creek (Sweden)

D'Shara Strange, Fountain-Fort Carson (Europe, with stints in Hungary and Germany)


Division I players

Ambrosia Anderson, Doherty (BYU)

Carrie Bacon, Harrison (Wyoming)

Christy Bacon, Harrison (Wyoming)

Sherri Bentley, Widefield (South Florida)

Jenny Coalson, Ellicott (Kansas State)

Shana Coleman, Widefield (UNLV)

Liah Davis, Sand Creek (Colorado State)

Karen Dawkins, Coronado (Pacific)

Nicea Eliely, Rampart (Nebraska)

Leah Fitzgerald, Palmer (Wyoming)

Stephanie Frisch, Doherty (New Mexico State)

Jenny Gallagher, Rampart (Colorado State)

Alisha Godette, Doherty (Arizona State/Denver)

Mandy Gonser, Doherty (Wyoming)

Shonda Graham, Coronado (Portland)

Shamela Hampton, Sierra (UNLV)

Angiah Harris, Sierra (Wyoming)

Tierra Harris, Pine Creek (San Diego)

Tara Hittle, Doherty (Hawaii)

Diana Huber, St. Mary’s (Indiana State)

Kassady Huffman, Air Academy (Air Force)

Venessanah Itugbu, Mesa Ridge (Air Force)

Stephanie James, Sierra (Hampton)

Janeesa “Chucky” Jeffery, Sierra (Colorado)

Jacque Johnson, Doherty (Colorado State)

Melody Johnson, Palmer (Colorado/Arizona State)

Val Johnson, Doherty (Colorado)

Laura Keating, Palmer (Wyoming)

Sherrice King, Rampart (Colorado)

Kendra Lambrecht, Palmer (Northern Colorado)

Emma List, Discovery Canyon (Albany)

Fatima Maddox, Mesa Ridge (Temple)

Bregitta Meek, Harrison (Colorado State)

Ali Meyer, Palmer Ridge (Northern Colorado)

Kaitlyn Mileto, Mesa Ridge (Wyoming)

Kaci Owens, Palmer (Portland)

Danielle Page, Lewis-Palmer (Nebraska)

Lindsay Payne, CSCS (Air Force)

Taylor Proctor, Sand Creek (San Francisco)

Gabby Purnell, Mesa Ridge (Army)

Katie Pursley, Cheyenne Mountain (Santa Clara)

Mikayla Reese, Sand Creek (Southern Methodist)

Chelsea Richardson, Doherty (San Francisco)

Erin Scholz, Doherty (Colorado)

Kylee Shook, Mesa Ridge (Louisville)

Dominique Sisk, Palmer (Wyoming)

D’Shara Strange, Fountain-Fort Carson (Northern Colorado)

Jessika Stratton, Coronado (Baylor)

Nikki Stratton, Coronado (Washington State)

Oliana Squires, Sand Creek (Montana State)

Nikki Swagger, Doherty (Colorado/Arizona State)

Jenn Urbaniak, Palmer (Air Force)

Courtney Wallace, Air Academy (Colorado)

Stacey Whitfield, Harrison (Colorado)

Val Wilhoit, Doherty (Colorado State/Long Beach State)

Wendy Wormal, Doherty (Colorado State)


Steinmark Athlete of the Year Award (statewide, previously given by Rocky Mountain News for all-around athlete)

Kayci Emry, Lewis Palmer

Jenny Coalson, Ellicott

Janae Vander Ploeg, Cheyenne Mountain


Area team titles

6A/5A: Doherty 1992, 1995

4A: Air Academy (2012), Mesa Ridge (2014)

3A & under: Calhan (1977, 1988); CSCS (2002); Ellicott (1994, 1995); Florence (1988, 1983)


Area team runners-up

6A/5A: Doherty (1993, 2001, 2002)

4A: Harrison (1980*, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2007); Sand Creek (2015); Widefield (2000, 2001)

3A & under: CSCS (2010, 2017); Cheyenne Mountain (1982), Evangelical Christian (2011), Lewis-Palmer (1988), St. Mary’s (1980, 2013)

* - Harrison was runner-up in 3A in 1980 when 3A was the biggest of the state's three classifications


Area Players of the Year from The Gazette

2017 – Chloe Welch, Mesa Ridge (5A/4A); Shelby Megyeri, Manitou Springs (3A-A)

2016 – Kylee Shook, Mesa Ridge (5A/4A); Shelby Megyeri, Manitou Springs (3A-A)

2015 – Kylee Shook, Mesa Ridge (5A/4A); Shelby Megyeri, Manitou Springs (3A-A)

2014 – Gabby Purnell, Mesa Ridge (5A/4A); Shelby Patterson, Peyton (3A-A)

2013 – Ali Meyer, Palmer Ridge (5A/4A); Bailey Haist, Vanguard (3A-A)

2012 – Brittany Hernandez, Air Academy (5A/4A); Amelia Schofield, Manitou Springs (3A-A)

2011 – Kaitlyn Mileto, Mesa Ridge (5A/4A); Samantha (Sam) Patterson, Peyton (3A-A)

2010 – D’Shara Strange, Fountain-Fort Carson (5A/4A); Christina Whitelaw, St. Mary’s (3A-A)

2009 – Janeesa “Chucky” Jeffery, Sierra (5A/4A); Christina Whitelaw, St. Mary’s (3A-A)

2008 – Janeesa “Chucky” Jeffery, Sierra (5A/4A); Vanessa Leeper, CSS (3A-A)

2007 – Hayley Hollenga, Air Academy (5A/4A); Steph Friesen, CSCS (3A-A)

2006 – Allison Rosel, Doherty (5A/4A); Holly Valdez, CSCS (3A-A)

2005 – Michelle Ambuul, Air Academy (5A/4A); Megann Alberts, CSCS (3A-A)

2003 – Alisha Godette, Doherty

2002 – Val Willhoit, Doherty

2001 – Shana Coleman, Widefield

2000 – Shana Coleman, Widefield (5A/4A); Lindsay Driscoll, CSCS (3A-A)

1999 – Jessika Stratton, Coronado (5A); Dianne Murphy, Lewis-Palmer (4A); Lindsay Driscoll, CSCS (3A); Linda White, Kiowa (2A); Aubri Barnett, Elbert (1A)

1998 – Jessika Stratton, Coronado (5A) ; Carrie Bacon, Harrison (4A) ; Missy Clark, Manitou Springs (3A) ; Kelly Gordon, Simla (2A) ; Linda White, Kiowa (1A)

1997 – Melody Johnson, Palmer (5A); Carrie Bacon, Harrison (4A); Lindsay Payne, CSCS (3A); Kelly Gordon, Simla (2A/A)

1996 – Jacque Johnson, Doherty (5A); Elisa Tsosie, Harrison (4A); Rimini Ross, CSCS (3A); Jenny Molner, Simla (2A/A)

1995 – Stephanie Frisch, Doherty (5A); Katie Pursley, Cheyenne Mountain (4A); April Turpin, St. Mary’s (3A); Jenny Coalson, Ellicott (2A/A)

1994 – Stephanie Frisch, Doherty (6A/5A); Missy McVoy, Lewis-Palmer (4A/3A); Jenny Coalson, Ellicott (2A/A)

1993 – Erin Scholz, Doherty (6A/5A); Missy McVoy, Lewis-Palmer (4A/3A); Jenny Coalson, Ellicott (2A/A)

1992 – Erin Scholz, Doherty (6A/5A); Kayce Emry, Lewis-Palmer (4A/3A); Amber Anderson, Calhan (2A/A)

1991 – Marcy Koskovich, Doherty (6A/5A); Gwen Johnson, Liberty (4A/3A); Cincy Tukoa, Calhan (2A/A)

1990 – Sherri Bentley, Widefield (4A); Angie Gaines, Sierra (3A); Tina Kitto, Florence (2A); Hattie Peach, Hanover-Edison* (1A)

1989 – Kristen Walton, Mitchell (4A); Brenda Pettit, Pueblo Central (3A); Tina Kitto, Florence (2A); Lori Hamacher, Simla (1A)

1988 – Michelle Ulrich, Doherty (4A); Denise Nehme, Harrison (3A); Nicol Graham, Florence (2A); Alicia Glover, Calhan (1A)

1987 – Debbie Kuosman*, Mitchell (4A); Jackie McWilliams, Sierra (3A); Nicol Graham, Florence (2A); Alicia Glover, Calhan (1A)

1986 – Stephanie Montgomery*, Mitchell (4A); Jackie Saunders, Rampart (3A); Nicol Graham, Florence (2A); Alicia Glover, Calhan (1A)

1985 – Kim Denson*, Peyton (1A); Shelly Borton, Pueblo South (4A); Ingrid Johnson, Harrison (3A); Ruth Boody, Florence (2A)

1984 – Barb Fox*, Florence (2A); Cynthia Hill, Widefield (4A); Tootie Collins, Air Academy (3A), Kim Denson, Peyton (1A)

1983 – Casey Gros*, Mitchell (4A); Carol Barker, Pueblo County (3A); Carrie Steer, Fountain (2A); Kim Denson, Peyton (1A)

1982 – Kristy Burns*, Pueblo South (4A); Molly Hourigan, Cheyenne Mountain (3A); Bron Platts, Fountain Valley (2A); Brenda Verges, Calhan (1A)

1981 – Diana Huber*, St. Mary’s (2A); Laura Snider, Pueblo South (4A); Shirley Sullivan, Canon City (3A); Brenda Ververs, Calhan (1A)

1980 – Lolita Curtis*, Harrison (3A); Diana Huber, St. Mary’s (2A), DaLynn Gotschall, Calhan (1A)

1979 – Carol Lillie*, Mitchell (3A); Dana Howe, St. Mary’s (2A), DaLynn Gotschall, Calhan (1A)

1978 – L.A. Saunders, Widefield

1977 – Joan Swagger, Doherty

* Named overall player of the year for the area



And by the way, here’s the list of boys our committee named to be the best in the region’s history:



Reggie Jackson, Palmer (2008) – top vote-getter

Todd Dickson, Falcon (1988)

Gene Edwards, Wasson (1985)

Pat Garrity, Lewis-Palmer (1994)

Tom Hovasse, Widefield (1985)



Justin Armour, Manitou Springs (1991)

KK Boyd, Sierra (1998)

Paul Gagnon, Harrison (1968)

Jari Wills, Palmer (1978)

Victor White, Harrison (1974)



David Kousman, Mitchell (1985)

Ted Kritza, Palmer (1994)

Mike Patterson, Mitchell (1973)

Donta Richardson, Liberty (1999)

Josh Scott, Lewis-Palmer (2012)


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