Kyle Johnson dissected his interception with perfect clarity.

He and fellow linebacker Demonte Meeks had switched sides pre-play, leaving Johnson covering the field. Fresno State shifted to an empty backfield, and two backs released in similar routes in Johnson’s zone, allowing him to cover both. Then the ball was released and he grabbed it.

After that?

“It’s a lot of adrenaline,” said Johnson, who returned the fourth-quarter interception for a 24-yard touchdown in a 43-24 victory over Fresno State on Saturday.

Dominant second half on defense and in running game leads Air Force past Fresno State

This wasn’t a first for Johnson, but it happens infrequently enough that he ought to recall the tiny details. He also returned a pick for a touchdown against Stony Brook in the 2018 opener.

The senior also contributed a game-changing sack late in the first half, broke up a pass (Fresno State's lone incompletion in the first half) and tied for team-high honors with six tackles.

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