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Air Force football took a side in an ongoing social movement in a video shared on social media.

Air Force football took a definitive side in an ongoing social movement Tuesday.

“Because we believe Black Lives Matter,” coach Troy Calhoun said in closing of a video shared on social media.

WATCH | Air Force football team speaks out for Black Lives Matter movement

The majority of sports teams and conferences have issued statements in recent weeks as the death of George Floyd reopened national unrest over topics of systemic racism and police brutality. The Falcons took their approach a step beyond in this video with Calhoun and his full staff elaborating on the problems it perceives nationally and the steps needed to change them. In the process they touched on topics as far-reaching as health care and education.

“This is not a political choice of Marxism or capitalism,” Calhoun said.

“This is the basic regard and respect for human life and dignity,” defensive line coach Bill Sheridan followed.

Of course, in these charged times and with the message coming from a service academy, there was an instant political reaction to the video on social media

“Endorcing (sic) a marxist movement,” the first comment on Twitter said. “I thought 'INTEGRITY FIRST, SERVICE BEFORE SELF, AND EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO' was a good start.”

Others questioned the facts behind the Black Lives Movement the team was supporting.

There was also a wave of positive responses to the video, which was viewed on Twitter more than 6,000 times in its first two hours online.

“Thank you Air Force Football for taking a stand!” said one commenter.

If there is a national line in the sand dividing sides of the issue, Air Force’s football team left no question as to which side it stands.

“There’s no neutral nor in-between,” offensive line coach Steed Lobotzke said, “when it comes to racism.”

Full transcript of the video released Tuesday by Air Force football:

We are the Bolt Brotherhood (Marcus Bennett)

One team (Mike Thiessen)

One family (Troy Calhoun)

We are a diverse team (Curome Cox)

As Falcons, in our team huddle, the goal is to score (Calhoun)

But we will serve to reach beyond the playing field (Ari Confessor)

To build communities and our country (Ben Miller)

To support all backgrounds — Black, brown and white (Bill Sheridan)

To pursue greater opportunities (Confessor)

When it comes to education, justice, health care and peace (Thiessen)

So we may all win in life (Bennett)

Our mission extends beyond winning (Calhoun)

Our mission is to stand against racism (Brian Knorr)

To promote diversity and inclusion (Cox)

Our mission is to demonstrate (Sheridan)

And fight for respect and human dignity (Thiessen)

We aim to tell our country and the world that Black lives matter (Calhoun)

And to cure the disease of discrimination (Confessor)

And racism in our country (Cox)

Black lives have not been (Bennett)

And are not treated as equals in our society (Confessor)

Racial profiling (Thiessen)

Jim Crow (Bennett)

Mass incarceration (Cox)

Red lining (Sheridan)

Police brutality (Knorr)

From the bolt brotherhood (Calhoun)

Enough is enough (Thiessen)

This is not a political choice of Marxism or capitalism (Calhoun)

This is the basic regard and respect for human life and dignity (Sheridan)

This is why Black lives matter (Thiessen)

If the intent of our country is justice and liberty for all (Confessor)

We must first acknowledge that Black lives matter (Bennett)

We must stand in unity for racism to end (Thiessen)

We stand in unity to be part of the solution (John Rudzinski)

It’s not enough for us to be not racist (Steed Lobotzke)

It’s time to be anti-racist (Del Cowsette)

It’s time to be anti-racist (Campbell)

It’s time to be anti-racist (Alex Means)

It’s time for me to recognize my bias (Jonathan Himebauch)

It’s time to use (Rudzinski)

My voice (Andre Morris)

My talent (Robert Bullard)

My platform (Calhoun)

To stand against unjust police brutality (Lobotzke)

And institutional discrimination (Jordan Eason)

Take action, take responsibility and take a stand (Rudzinski)

Listen to understand (Cowsette)

Listen with an open heart (Campbell)

Listen to our experiences (Morris)

And empathize with the pain that racism causes so many (Bullard)

Educate yourself on the role that race plays in our history (Rudzinski)

We will fight for fair treatment (Cowsette)

Justice and equality for Black Americans (Means)

Brown Americans and all Americans (Campbell)

This goes beyond the football field (Brody Bagnall)

Because Black lives matter (Rudzinski)

Because Black lives matter (Cowsette)

Because Black lives matter (Campbell)

It’s time to open our eyes (Means)

It’s time to open our eyes (Himeback)

And fight for social justice (Bullard)

It’s time to make our country and our world a better place (Lobotzke)

It’s bigger than football (Morris)

It’s bigger than football (Bullard)

It’s bigger than football (Campbell)

There’s no neutral nor in-between when it comes to racism (Lobotzke)

You have to take a stand (Campbell)

Because the bolt brotherhood believes Black lives matter (Calhoun)

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