At The Farm, a park is not merely a park — a park is that place you reconnect with the beauty of the natural world. Where your little ones giggle and run around in the fresh air … where neighbors become friends. A park is the pulse of the neighborhood. And when each of those pockets of vitality are interconnected, it lifts the whole community into a state of health and happiness.

This is precisely the vision of the developers of The Farm, who are breathing new life into the entire neighborhood park concept. Rather than a conventional destination park — where one typically drives or traverses residential streets to reach it — they have connected the parks via a beautiful meandering trail system. This extends an entry point to every section of the community, so that all residents can easily take to the path and arrive at numerous parks and points of interest along the way.

This carefree trail-to-park system encourages an active lifestyle and affords countless opportunities to savor the sheer beauty that is Colorado Springs. In such a breathtaking city, it is not only the home itself, but how the home is poised to maximize the experience of living at the gateway to the Rockies. Whether to walk or bike, to exercise or socialize, for a romantic stroll or a family mosey, having nature trails nearly at your doorstep can transform your lifestyle.

The uplifting trail system has been designed to incorporate a variety of park experiences through the use of art, history and general unexpectedness, keeping users engaged in the uniqueness at The Farm. Here is a taste of what to expect at each planned area.

Ann Leach Painting

This point of interest will include a beautiful stainless-steel tallgrass bench with an unparalleled view of the Front Range, plus a massive concrete and steel easel holding a painting entitled “Pikes Peak.” This park node is dedicated to a bit of the land´s jeweled history. The Allison Valley Ranch (now The Farm) was purchased by John and Marn Allison in 1947 to raise thoroughbred race horses and exotic cattle. Ann Allison Leach, John and Marn´s daughter, created a beautiful painting of Pikes Peak in 1985 while living on the ranch. This painting commemorates Ann’s artistic ability as well as her love for the Allison Valley Ranch and its majestic surroundings.

Black Squirrel Passage

This soft-surface trail is open to the public and will eventually connect to a future park with playground. The trail extends through the community and will feature log benches to be built with recycled wood from onsite trees, a wooden wayfinding signage pole which will be a recycled support beam from the barn that was part of the original Foothills Farm barn, plus aluminum pet stations for the convenience of four-legged friends.

Overland Park

An incredible community gathering point with unbelievable scenic vistas. It will feature a beautiful shade shelter, comfortable park furniture and impressive boulder stadium-seating. The area will hold the brand of Foothills Farm (backward and forward “F”) straight off the original barn, to preserve and honor the history of the old homestead. This branding will also be incorporated throughout the community in a variety of ways, including being stamped into the circular concrete pad at the top of Overlook Park.

Knoll Park

This cozy family-friendly nook of lush greenery and peeking mountains has a variety of exciting features, including The Cracked Egg Sculpture, one of the amenities of the park offering a play piece for children to crawl on, jump from and hide in. There’s also a boulder wall built with the same type of rock used to build the walls in Overlook Park, log benches to be built with recycled wood from on-site trees, and the aforementioned soft-surface community trail, connecting to other trails throughout the community.

Fork in the Road

This is exactly what it sounds like: literally a giant, towering fork in the road. It is a striking, comical and delightful piece of art that is a pleasant surprise to all passersby. The steel fork will be firmly planted in some rich vegetation.

Little Nipper Park

This is an adorable park dedicated to Little Nipper, one of the thoroughbred horses raised on the Allison Valley Ranch. It will feature a lovely plaque titled “Little Nipper and Her Foal,” as well as three steel carrot-top sculptures peeking out from the earth.

Cow Crossing and Foothills Farm Park

Cow crossing leads to Foothills Farm Park, and features four colorful cow sculptures crossing from either side of the street. A loveable welcome to this enjoyable park. The park itself features engaging play equipment, a stimulating natural play area, comfortable seating and a shade shelter. It will also feature original Foothills Farm branding to be stamped into the circular concrete pad in Foothills Farm Park.

The Farm is delighted to present its linear park system plans with the community, and welcomes anyone searching for their dream home and lifestyle to check out the variety of homes available by some of the top builders in the Springs: Vantage Homes, Brookstone Homes, Goetzmann Custom Homes and Saddletree Homes.

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