Spring has sprung. While the snow melts, the flowers bloom and birdsongs fill the air, your computer may be freezing, crashing and filling to the brim with files you don’t need. Take a cue from nature and clear away the clutter of those cozy autumn and winter months, making way for new life and productivity in your technological environment. The pros at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs urge that it is not only your home, your office and your desk that deserve a deep cleanse — your trusty computer needs some TLC, too.


Before you begin and accidentally permanently delete that folder with all your presentations from 2018, backup your data! Once everything is backed up to an external hard drive (or the cloud, but we will get to that shortly), you can organize with a sense of freedom and autonomy to delete, rearrange and update as you see fit. There are also automated, automatic backup systems that your IT professional can implement so you can skip this step altogether in the future.

Use the cloud

Nothing has the power to clean your computer like the cloud. Imagine all of your documents, photos, videos, and applications saved neatly, securely, and privately on the internet. This data can be accessed seamlessly not only from your primary computer, but from any device—be it your personal laptop, tablet, work desktop, even cellphone. You can clear your hard drive of files that you do not need readily available, and save your computer for what it does best—computing! As a bonus, if one day your hard drive fails or computer malfunctions, your files will go unscathed as it is virtually impossible to lose files saved to the cloud.

Delete the unnecessary

Let’s face it, some files and applications you just have to let go of. There is no need to have 16 photos of that dinner from three years ago, or that photo-editing app that you only opened once, or that free game that you never played. There are also programs that can help you clear your computer of temporary files, as well as duplicates. You would be shocked to know how many duplicate files are wasting space on your device. Your IT professional can install and demonstrate these tools. Also, don’t forget to empty your recycle bin when you are finished, as items here take up space as well.


Have you seen your desktop lately? Or worse, your documents or downloads folder? When was the last time you organized these files? It may seem daunting, but once you put everything in their respective folders, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment. It’s best to organize by date, then event or topic to make the files easily retrievable. The real test is sticking to your file organization system on a regular basis so you don’t have a year’s worth of organizing to do all over again next spring.

Updating anti-malware software

Despite your best efforts in backing up, deleting and organizing, if you have malware, your computer will not function at its best. Malware is any “malicious software” created with the aim of damaging devices, data and people. Types of malware include viruses, Trojans, spyware, worms, ransomware, adware and botnets. These can infect your files, compromise security and privacy, slow your system, inundate your device with pop-ups and more. It is important to ensure that your malware software is always up to date to combat against the latest threats, and to protect your data and privacy.

Dedicate a day this spring to cleaning your computer. It can save you time and frustration — meaning less time waiting on programs to load, and more time outside enjoying the warm, sunny season.

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