Business growth and a refreshed terminal highlight small airport conveniences you’ll love.

From food trucks to craft breweries and independent restaurants, Colorado Springs neighbors are helping each other's small businesses stay vibrant by supporting and buying local. While doing so, they're finding out that small is often better.

In this spirit, the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is embracing its small size and inviting people to fly "Colorado's small airport" and enjoy everything this entails—including smaller lines, crowds, waits, and drives.

Big options for direct flights

At COS, small also means big options for direct flights to major hubs and one-stop connections around the world. Travelers report that the COS staff is like family and cares for them and the airport like it's their home. These dedicated employees are working hard to continue to meet CDC standards to keep travelers safe; and airlines are also devoted to make flying a real option for everyone this summer and fall—and beyond. So whether it's for vacations, reunions, weddings or business meetings, COS is ready to send you on your next trip.

With tons of new upgrades, bright open spaces and shorter lines and walks to gates, it's easy to see why everyone would rather support their own, local airport when they're ready to fly again. It's more cost effective, too—and you don't have to worry about the I-25 Gap Project ruining your plans before you've even gotten started.

Like the city itself, Colorado Springs Airport is big enough to offer wonderful amenities but small enough to be comfortable and friendly. Everything about flying to and through here is easier, which is why more people are falling in love with Colorado's small airport.


Start your vacation early

Anyone who has flown out of COS knows it's easier, calmer and more comfortable. In effect, travelers can start enjoying their vacations earlier by avoiding driving to Denver. Also worth avoiding are the I-25 Gap construction; enormous terminals and crowded tram rides; and long, tedious lines at security checkpoints. COS is cost-effective, too, requiring less gas and less expensive parking fees.

There also are new, exciting changes happening adjacent to the terminal, thanks to the expansion of Peak Innovation Park. This is great news, considering that the large drop in passenger traffic due to the virus this past spring wasn't easy. The good news is that July already has shown improvement. And in concert with travelers starting to flock back to the airport, national businesses are flocking to the enterprise opportunities inherent in opening their doors next to Colorado's thriving, vibrant small airport.


More exciting changes

The enterprise growth marked by new partnerships at the Peak Innovation Park development are spurring job growth with:

  • hangar space;
  • a new FedEx freight warehouse;
  • a new Amazon fulfillment center;
  • the USDA Forest Service airtanker base and deicing pad;
  • and plans for two hotels.

"We were setting up for a banner year earlier this year and are grateful for the recent upswing in travel and new opportunities for business partnerships we've seen unfold this summer," said Director of Aviation Greg Phillips.

COS is ready to welcome passengers and become a friendly part of their journey and to finish 2020 strong as a community—for its neighbors, businesses and employees.

Check out non-stop flights or learn more about the Peak Innovation Park and other business opportunities at Colorado's small airport.