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Drought can damage your foundation but you can get out ahead of it. Photo Courtesy: Complete Basement Systems

Keep Your Foundation in Mind During a Drought

By now, you are no doubt feeling the pains and effects of how dry it is in Colorado. Having minimal to no rainfall is taking its toll on a lot of things, including your home and its stability

What’s Happening with Your House?

How is that possible? Look at what’s underneath and around your house – the soil. Colorado is known for its clay soil, which expands but only when it is saturated with water. 

During times of drought – like now – the soil shrinks when there is a lack of rain or water to keep it wet. When the soil shrinks, it is common for it to experience a noticeable change in volume. The vicious cycle continues, because when that happens, gaps form between the soil and your foundation. 

Problems Will Announce Themselves

When there are gaps between the soil and your foundation, this causes the foundation to move, sometimes unevenly, which leads to other problems you’ll notice in your home. You will know your house is settling if you see various cracks in your drywall or foundation walls, sloping floors, or have difficulty opening doors or windows.

When the rain does come, the excessively dry soil is not going to be able to handle the oversaturation. The mounting hydrostatic pressure caused by too much water and overly wet soil outside your home can lead to further wall problems like cracks and inward bowing. Water also will be able to seep inside and possibly flood your basement or crawl space more easily. 

How to Protect Your Home from Drought Damage

Concrete Crack in Foundation

Instead of waiting to see one of these issues or signs of bigger problems going on, why not nip the problem in the bud right away or take a proactive approach? 

There are numerous ways you can protect your foundation and home from the effects of drought, shrinking soil, and foundation settlement. From basement waterproofing measures like interior drainage and sump pumps to crawl space encapsulation, Complete Basement Systems has the solutions you need to keep your home dry. Options to shore up your foundation and walls include piering systems and wall repair measures like wall anchors and adjustable beams.

Whether you’re already noticing issues with your home or want to protect it from damage courtesy of Mother Nature, the professionals at Complete Basement Systems are here to help you create a safer and healthier home. Contact our expert team today for a free inspection and estimate on any repairs you may need.