In today’s booming housing market where builders are barely able to build fast enough to keep up with demand, many are increasingly reluctant to allow clients to modify their house plans due to the extra time it adds to a project.

Saddletree Homes has a different approach; they’re sticking to their slogan: ‘We build the home you see when you close your eyes and dream.’

"At Saddletree Homes we take pride in our ability to make changes and personalize a home to fit our clients’ needs,” says Marketing Director Blake Barcus.

Lee Bolin, President of Saddletree Homes doesn’t want to ‘just’ build you a house, he wants to support you in realizing your dream home. Saddletree also wants their clients to play an active role in the process, and to enjoy the design process from beginning to end. "From sales to warranty our team works side by side with our clients to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience," says Barcus.

This approach defines how Saddletree Homes has operated locally since 1994, as they have built more than 1,000 homes in the Colorado Springs area. Some of their clients are on their second, or even third Saddletree home.

Saddletree has now primarily concentrated their building in four communities: Cordera, Sanctuary Point, Flying Horse and The Farm.

In explaining what makes Saddletree Homes unique, Barcus points to the expertise of the Saddletree Homes staff. He says, “Led by Lee Bolin, the wonderful staff runs like a well-oiled machine. From the first point of contact with our New Homes Specialists to the completion of the home, each part of the process is managed by an expert in their field."

Regarding design, Saddletree Homes doesn’t want their homes to fit into any predetermined mold. Clients should know that every detail of their home will embody their own personal style.

Saddletree prides themselves on the diversity of their design portfolio. “We currently have 18 floor plans, but over the years, we have designed more than 50 floor plans. Many of our New Homes Specialists have been with us 10-plus years and know our historical floor plans. If someone explains what they're looking for, many times we can go into the archives to find the perfect fit for them,” says Barcus.

He also mentions the broad price range of the homes they have built as well as the dedicated team behind them. “We build homes starting in the low $600s and going upwards of $2 million. The same enthusiastic team, including the best master trades in the area, collaborate on all of our homes.”

The high-end materials and finishes you see in a Saddletree model home are largely standard and included in their base price. Saddletree Homes prides themselves on their exceptional standards. As founder and president of Saddletree Homes, Lee Bolin puts it, “You really must come and see our wonderful model homes to truly understand who we are at Saddletree Homes.”

Barcus explains that due to resources on the web and elsewhere, clients are increasingly bringing more design ideas to the table. “Often, a customer asks, 'Can you do this?' Yes, we certainly can. Your only limitations are your lot and your budget.”

In fact, Saddletree enjoys recalling some of the special requests they’ve been able to fulfill for clients over the years: a coffee nook in a master bedroom, a children’s play room under a flight of stairs, an indoor basketball court, elevators, and a dog wash. In one build, they even accommodated an imported pizza oven.

After a new home is complete, Saddletree Homes will stand by your side with their on-call warranty department. “We’ve always stood behind our product, and our longevity speaks to that. We're really ingrained in the community; we're not going anywhere," says Barcus.

Lee Bolin prides himself on a company built on ethics, honesty and hard work, and says he isn’t afraid to go anywhere in town with the customer relationships that they have. Blake elaborates on the pleasure the Saddletree Homes team gets from working so closely with their clients, "We have people who have come into our models, or have seen us in The Parade of Homes, and they want to be in a Saddletree [home]. They'll say, 'I'm dreaming up my Saddletree home!' And it's a wonderful experience for us to be able to make that happen for them.”

Saddletree Homes is an award-winning, luxury homebuilding company that has been serving El Paso County for nearly 25 years. Lee Bolin, founder and president of Saddletree Homes, is one of the most respected home builders in Colorado Springs and has nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. He leads a gifted team of professionals who are dedicated to building luxury, semi-custom homes. To learn more, call 719-Builder, or visit