Step into a luxury home that is uniquely yours. Saddletree Homes has been building semi-custom, and custom homes for the Colorado Springs and Monument communities since 1994. Working alongside Saddletree Homes is an incredible collaborative experience, where your specific needs and desires guide the way. The best master tradesman, craftsman and designers ensure that every puzzle piece comes together to reflect the image and the substance of your dream home.

"When you buy a resale or track home, you’re going to have to make compromises; but having a semi-custom home takes away those compromises," said Blake Barcus, Chief Marketing Director of Saddletree Homes. "When a buyer has to sacrifice pieces of their vision, the house doesn't end up feeling like home. We consider each buyer's lifestyle and routine, and are able to adapt the plan around those cues."

Saddletree Homes affords flexibility in the construction of your home, which allows the builder to work to the highest possible standard — from conception to completion. With four different model homes to visit in four of Colorado Springs' most celebrated master planned communities (Sanctuary Pointe, Flying Horse, The Farm and Cordera), you can catch a glimpse of the elegance and the magic of these properties.

Once you've visited the model home and spoken to a friendly and insightful new home specialist, you can express your ideas and visions, and choose from a large archive of ranch and two-story floor plans. Once you're under contract, you meet with the architectural designer to get any desired alterations signed off on. You then visit the design center to make all of your selections, from lighting to countertops to cabinetry to home theaters to security systems — all top quality. "Anything you can imagine in a home, we can bring to life," said Barcus. "Because we've built so many luxury homes, our buyers' requests do not come as a surprise to us — our team is skilled in the nuances of custom, and semi-custom homes."

Saddletree Homes builds for all stages of life, with many residents on their second or even third Saddletree Home. When they see the time and care put into every component, they see firsthand that the team works together harmoniously with one common goal — to manifest not only a top quality home, but one that has the buyer's dreams woven into the framework and the finishes.

A homeowner shared, "It's difficult to put into words how satisfied and pleased we have been with every interaction with every member of the Saddletree Team. We almost bought our dream home from other builders. So glad we didn't — the quality of product and the quality of customer service is far above your competition. The fact that Lee [founder and president of Saddletree Homes] met us at our showing just shows how much he cares, and it trickles down to the rest of the team."

In so many communities, there are many houses that look similar to each other. "As the market gets busier, production builders get less flexible," said Barcus. "They’re not going to move something, not going to change a door, not going to add that coffee bar or extra bedroom." Saddletree Homes prides itself on creating something that isn't mass produced, where the homeowner can feel at peace and think "there is something truly special about my home."


Saddletree Homes is an award-winning, luxury homebuilding company that has been serving El Paso County for more than 20 years. Lee Bolin, founder and president of Saddletree Homes, is one of the most well known and respected home builders in Colorado Springs, and has nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. He leads a gifted team of professionals who are dedicated to building luxury, semi-custom homes. To learn more, call 719-593-2900, or visit